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HOST 2013 – The Nuova Simonelli Technology Village: a chance to discover five innovative technologies for new generation espresso machines and coffee grinders

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BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI (Macerata) – Visitors to HOST ( Fiera Milano October 18 to 22 ) will find many surprises in the Nuova Simonelli exhibition space.

Obviously new products, but even more than finding these, people will be able to discover. Discover the most innovative technologies in the espresso sector, that Nuova Simonelli has patented or perfected for the pleasure of sharing them with espresso professionals.

T3 3
Nuova Simonelli Aurelia T3, World Barista Championship official coffee machines


What visitors will find in Hall 11 – stand C40/C48 will be a real “Technical Village”, set up as a new concept for exhibiting based on the latest technology.

Designers, technicians and world champion baristas illustrate the nature of the various technologies, in a highly instructive way, divided into five themes. One will show the potential for innovative Gravimetric Technology, another the developments of Milk Silk Technology, two more to reveal new applications of Easy Cream Technology and advances in dosing with Clima pro Technology.

Finally, one dedicated to the further evolution of T3 Technology, which has already been successfully used in World Barista Champion competitions in the Aurelia II, the coffee machine appreciated by the world’s best baristas.


All this is the result of continuous scientific studies in physics, chemistry and ergonomics, conducted with the cooperation of experts and research centers. Moreover, the history of Nuova Simonelli is backed by continuous research in the field of espresso machines and the company constantly provides baristas around the world with increasingly innovative machines .

Also very innovative are the new products presented at Host: The new Appia II in its different versions, the Aurelia II Digit with a new nozzle equipped with Easy Cream Technology, the superautomatic Talento with Milk Silk Technology, the new Mythos One grinder “on demand” with “Clima Pro” and the MDX “on demand”.

VICTORIA ARDUINO  Two new products , the result of ongoing research in the field of technology and design, will be presented in the Victoria Arduino brand exhibition area. The espresso machines from this historic brand are produced in Nuova Simonelli facilities with ancient artisan techniques, always paying great attention to design, but with a technologically advanced “heart”.

The first of the new products is Theresia, a machine already in production for several weeks from two internationally renowned designers, Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas. It is a machine completely made in mirrored stainless steel, which looks as though it has a large diamond buried inside. An attractive object of great value, but at the same time simple and functional.

The second new Victoria Arduino machine is structurally very different and the first to incorporate “Gravimetric” technology. It will go into production in 2014 and will be seen for the first time ever at Host. Its name will be revealed there, along with other technical and design features.



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