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HOST 2013 – Caffitaly the new Cuba coffee and machines

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Caffita System S.p.A. is a young, very dynamic company. Founded in 2004, it immediately focused its production on portioned coffee and created a system combining machines and capsules, with components that have been internationally patented.

Final product’s quality has always been the first company’s target: each Caffitaly System capsule has a unique hermetically sealed structure in which 8 grams of ground coffee are contained and preserved between two filters.

Extraction consists in high-pressure water passing through the upper filter, where it is distributed, homogeneously hitting each coffee piece, passing through the second filter and finally flowing as a full body espresso with an intense aroma and a thick, persistent crema.

The machine + capsule combined system is particularly suitable for small-medium places, especially in restaurants, where a small number of espressos are extracted in separate moments of the day. Under these conditions, the product in grains is affected by the long wait in the grinder bell and this is even truer for ground coffee in the doser, which looses its aroma in just a few minutes.

On the contrary, Caffitaly System capsules and machines provide high quality extractions with an intense aroma, in any moment and situation, as well as a wide range of coffees. They are also perfect for office and home use.

Thanks to the unique technology characterizing Caffita machines, the wide product range is not limited to coffee, but also includes tea leaves, Ricola herb teas, milk- and cocoa- based drinks, ginseng coffee. 2_Caffitaly / The new machines

Caffitaly coffee machines combine a pleasant and unique design with great functionality. They are characterized by small dimensions and a range of colours that makes them match any environment. The multi-button extraction menu and automatic dosing allow to create many preparations with extreme ease: espresso, lungo, Americano coffee/tea/infusions.

Due to the exclusive shape of the brewing group, there are no contacts between machine and product extracted, which therefore does not release its aroma in the machine itself. This way, it is easy to switch among different blends and preparations – a tea can be easily extracted after an espresso with no taste mixing.

All models are equipped with a handy used capsule drawer. This functional capacity makes Caffitaly machines suit any environment, from the professional (restaurants, wine bars, nightclubs) to the vending and home use channel.

At Host, Caffitaly presents five new models:

– Murex S07: its design is minimal, very compact and extremely functional; the new model has been designed to be highly ergonomic and automatically produce espressos, lungos and hot beverages.

– Venus S08: this twin of the S07 model comes in a different range of colours, with a different extraction knob and customized sides. – Cyprea S12: compact dimensions (17 x 26 x 32 cm), capsule compartment in its upper part, adjustable and extractable dispensing spout. It is available in carbon, silver and red colors.

– Amphora S15: a refined design gives this machine a young personality; it measures 17 x 26 x 32 cm, is equipped with a capsule compartment in its upper part, an adjustable and extractable pouring spout and an adjustable drip tray positioning depending on cup dimensions. It is available in blue, purple, white and black colors.

– Diadema S16: new vintage colours characterize this machine and its young, modern personality; it measures 17 x 26 x 32 cm, is equipped with a capsule compartment in its upper part, an adjustable and extractable pouring spout and an adjustable drip tray positioning depending on cup dimensions.

3_Caffitaly / The new Cuba and other blends in capsules

How many flavours has coffee got? Many, indeed, and with aromas and taste nuances that cannot be perceived by people who do not thoroughly know the fascinating world of coffee.

The already wide range of blends in the Ècaffè capsules now includes a new specialty coffee with a unique personality that is unlikely to go unobserved.

It is the single-origin Cuba Serrano coffee, from the Sierra Maestra in the eastern part of the island: a coffee to be sipped with tranquility to better taste its unique characteristics. It has a thick and persisting crema, great body, a relevant aromatic note of cocoa bean and pipe tobacco.

Its persisting aftertaste is characterized by a note of walnut. This coffee amazes and fascinates for its full and pleasantly unusual taste. Ideal for after lunch or for a high quality coffee break.

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