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Here is why KitKat Canada asked fans to take a break from its iconic bars

New product from KitKat encourages Canadians to take longer breaks in any way they'd like

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TORONTO, Canada – Last week, KitKat Canada shocked fans by asking them to actually “take a break” from their bars. After speculation as to why KitKat Canada would ask Canadians to take a break from KitKat instead of taking a break with KitKat, the brand revealed that the pause from its own bars was in order to usher in the launch of its newest product: KitKat Pops.

KitKat Pops, which are available in classic milk and hazelnut flavours, are the latest product innovation for the brand. This product innovation is also available in Coffee Crisp.

“We wanted to launch this innovation in a bold way, knowing that for our fans, the only reason why they would ever take a break from KitKat bars, would be to try something new and exciting from KitKat.” says Riona Coller, Marketing Leader, Everyday Confectionery at Nestlé Canada.

KitKat Pops provide the same crispy, satisfying crunch you know and love of the classic four-fingered KitKat bar. KitKat Pops were created to encourage breaking over an extended period of time. These deliciously light, perfectly poppable pieces allow Canadians to take longer-lasting breaks than they would with KitKat bars.

“As our new generation of KitKat fans evolve, so does what it means to take a break,” says Coller. “It might not be as simple as a 5-minute pause from their daily routine. A break might look like sitting in front of the TV, going for a walk or even just scrolling through social media. However you break, KitKat Pops are the perfect snack to help you take a longer break”.

KitKat Pops are now available in 170g bags for grazing at home and new 70g cartons for grazing on-the-go.

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