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Hema launches new fully – traceable coffee range with farmer connect


GENEVA, Switzerland – farmer connect, the global supply chain software provider that enables fair, sustainable and traceable agriculture, has announced HEMA as the first major retailer to use its technology for coffee traceability. From today, customers will be able to trace the entire supply chain of 27 coffee products including beans, pods and capsules. Built around a blockchain core, powered by IBM, farmer connect® brings together data from suppliers across the supply chain – from bean to store.

As well as tracing the origins of each product, consumers can learn about and engage with the local farmer communities.

HEMA’s long-term ambition is to only offer customers fully traceable and sustainable coffee.

Lian Enting, Lead Category Manager, at HEMA, said: “It is vital for us and our customers that HEMA products make a positive contribution to the lives of everyone we work with, including coffee farmers. With the farmer connect® technology our coffee supply chain is transparent.”

“We are proud to be the world’s first major retailer to make this step. Now 70% of our range is traceable, our ambition is to only offer coffee products with full supply chain traceability.”

farmer connect® Chief Executive Officer Michael Chrisment commented: “HEMA is a trailblazer. Allowing customers to see where their morning coffee has come from is a huge step in the right direction for those that believe in equitable global trade. But coffee is just the start. Today, we can connect consumers with producers of any edible good and enable everyone in the supply chain to have their fair share of the value created.”