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Haiku Coffee 575: From poetry to high-quality coffee straight from Africa

COLUMBIA, SC, US — Black Woman-led coffee roasting company Haiku Coffee 575 currently operates in Colombia, South Carolina. The company does not only offer regular coffee, but they source their coffee directly from Africa. Supporting the premium taste of their coffee is the dynamic leadership birthed from a partnership between a mother and her four daughters.

Before launching Haiku Coffee 575, Monifa Lemons Jackson was a poetry organization director for eight years. Also, she has been a poet/spoken word artist for more than twenty years. This was a journey that, for the most part, was traveled with her late husband. After open mic events, Monifa and her late husband would typically invite poets over for late-night coffee. This custom became a significant part of her profession as a poet and business owner. “I love the way coffee smells and love to taste new blends. I became obsessed with learning about it,” shared Monifa.

Unfortunately, Monifa’s husband passed in 2018. It was during this tumultuous time that she came up with the name for her company. To honor the memory of her husband and live out her love for coffee, Monifa launched Haiku Coffee 575 LLC in November 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic with her four daughters: Jocelyn (30). Maya (15), Cirae (15), and Naja (13).

After her husband’s passing, Monifa launched her research to find the best coffee for her business. As she searched, she discovered that all coffee originated in Africa, the motherland. This discovery led her and her daughters to decided to offer only from Africa.

Haiku Coffee 575 has recently started offering their products at Soda City Market and have been growing ever since. Monifa stated that “we want to grow into wholesaling at grocery stores and coffee shops all over the country.”

The name for this business is derived from Haiku, a form of poetry that consists of 17 syllables. It has five in the first line, seven on the second, and five on the last line. The poet has to be meticulous in choosing the words correctly. Monifa decided to use this name to symbolize that with Haiku, there is no room for Haiku. “Our offerings are curated to provide a consistent and premium taste with every cup,” added Monifa.

For more information on Haiku Coffee 575, you may visit haikucoffee575.com. You can send your inquiries to haikucoffee575@gmail.com.

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