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GULF COUNTRIES – Tea and coffee lovers take to Global Village to sample the beans and leaves from around the World

DUBAI – Global Village, Dubai’s leading family entertainment and cultural attraction, is also a great shopping destination for all sorts of authentic products.

One of the many popular products around the pavilions of Global Village is the wide selection of tea and coffee. Many of the pavilions sell the leaves and beans used to make these tasty beverages and each country has a distinctive taste and aroma to their tea and coffee.

The Turkish pavilion is a great place for visitors to stop on a glorious tea and coffee trail. The drinking of tea and coffee is interwoven into the traditions and culture of Turkey and is a staple beverage in every home, it is even said that a pot is constantly ready to be served to guests and family members in Turkish homes.

Visitors can even pick up a cup of Turkish tea or coffee before the buying their own packet to make at home.

Yemen is another country with a great variety of fresh coffee beans on offer for all the visitors who prefer the freshly ground beans to instant coffee.

The beans can come in varying strengths and standards of roast, ranging from low roast to high roast. The rich flavor of the coffee beans will have visitors coming back to sample the other varieties of bean available from the Yemeni pavilion.

The Chinese pavilion also has an abundance of teas for visitors to choose from such as a lovely Green tea and the popular Jasmine tea which uses the aroma of jasmine blossoms to give the tea its fragrant and sweet taste.

Another very popular tea in the Chinese pavilion is the white tea.

A tea which is unique to the pavilion is the bama tea which is used for relaxing the muscles, especially for elderly men and women. The bama tea is brewed and then poured into tub for people to put their legs or feet in.

The aromatics and richness of the tea helps relax aching muscles.

Anybody who is looking for a simpler cup of karak tea will be able to find many stalls throughout Global Village selling this popular Indian beverage, made to perfection and piping hot.

Visitors looking for some more herbal teas that will help with aches, pains, and dieting can pass by the Vietnamese pavilion and pick up a whole range of flavours that will help relax the body and the mind.

A popular tea product is the slimming tea which come in five different flavours – lemon, peach, mint, natural, and strawberry – and helps detoxify the body and keeps the skin smooth.

Global Village has a wide array of products for sale throughout the 30 countries which are represented at the park.

Visitors can also find 25 restaurants that are regionally and internationally recognized, as well as many kiosks selling snacks and meals from around the world. Global Village is extended until the 12th April, 2014.