Friday 09 December 2022

Gruppo Carimali at Sigep for first time together wit Elektra and Slingshot

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CHIGNOLO D’ISOLA, Bergamo, Italy – Carimali group from January 18th to 22nd will be in Rimini at Sigep, the leading trade fair for professional operators all over the world in the artisan gelato, pastry baking and coffee sectors, at booth 192 pav. D3.

This year’s edition is even more special for the Group: for the first time, Carimali will share the booth with Elektra, the new brand recently acquired and with the grinder manufacturer Slingshot, with which the company entered into a joint venture last July.

Thanks to this partnership, the Group will be able to benefit from the technological and production know how of the three companies to enhance the presence on national and international markets, giving life to a shared growth process. A new chapter in the history of companies, that will create new synergies and innovation strategies.

It will be a unique opportunity to present to the public products and technologies dedicated to different markets, both fully automatics and traditionals. A wealth of proposals, able to satisfy every need.

All eyes on Boilerless Technology

The revolutionary system capable of eliminating large reserves of water and steam, thus avoiding the waste and dispersion of energy. For the entire duration of the fair, Agnieszka Rojewska, World Barista Champion and Head of Coffee Culture & Education in Carimali, will be on the booth.

The visitor with the help of Agnieszka, will have the opportunity to understand the advantages and characteristics of this innovative technology: simple, clean and sustainable, resulting in savings up to 90% of energy than traditional machines.

The revolutionary Boilerless Technology

To reach this goal, Carimali has invested about 5 years in research, development and engineering activities

At Sigep Carimali will not present the machine in its definitive form, but a demonstration model, a module that contains other products.

It is the embodiment of a technology that can also be applied to the production of only hot water with large volumes, but at temperatures that can be set by the user, between 70 and 96 degrees according to the needs. As well as steam generation. These three versions will then be combined into a single product that will be presented to professionals by the end of 2020.

This appointment will be also the occasion to discover BlueDot 26

the fully automatic machine with a delivery target between 50 and 100 coffees per day. The innovation is not only aesthetic, thanks to a simplified graphics that makes regulation more intuitive, but also technical above all. The newcomer of the BlueDot range is a practical machine with a compact design. Despite its small size, BlueDot 26 is equipped with a fast and intuitive user friendly interface. Its contained measures make it suitable for small offices, B&B and small hotel.

At Carimali booth, visitors will also have the chance to see BlueDot Power, a machine with remarkable performances for its category. With a speed-adjustable pump, the new 16g modular espresso unit and the double boiler that guarantees high productivity and quality, BlueDot Power is designed especially for offices, high volume hotel breakfast service.

Carimali BlueDot

The spotlight will also shine on Carimali with Armonia Ultra

the fully automatic machine created to meet the needs of quality and professionalism of premium self-service and recommended for an average dispensing capacity up to 200 cups per day. It has a new 10″ fully touch screen display, capable of customizing any type of information and setting.

Ample space also for Carimali traditional machines: the new Diva PRO, which benefited from hydraulic improvements. Visitors will also be able to admire Bubble, the traditional with excellent performances at a very competitive price. It is identified by round-shaped sides and groups, that makes it a unique, stand out modern and attractive design and ideal for medium-sized coffee shops, kiosks and restaurants.

Sigep will be an extraordinary opportunity to discover Elektra latest news:

Verve, the new compact model in brushed steel and oak wood (with the possibility of being customized with different types of wood). It’s a one group espresso machine, capable of bringing the best quality of professional extraction and innovative technology together.

Great focus also on Kup, the Elektra’s best seller, that can be purchased directly at the fair. Furthermore, will be exhibited Elektra Indie, characterized by excellent thermal stability and independent groups. A machine that conquers the heart of bartenders for being extremely reliable and with a refined design.

Elektra Kup

From January 18th to 22nd Carimali & Elektra team awaits all visitors at booth 192 pav. D3, to to enjoy a delicious coffee

For over 100 years Carimali manufactures and sales professional coffee machines, offering a complete range of fully-automatic and traditional coffee machines, grinders and add-on units. Since 1919 Carimali develops technologies to improve the flavour extraction making coffee and milk-based drinks. The Group headquarters are based in Bergamo, where the main production factory and the offices are located. A second sales and services division for Italian market is located in Milan. A second production unit is based in Suzhou, China.

Elektra is a brand that has been producing espresso coffee machines with elegant and refined designs for more than 70 years. The Elektra range of products covers different market needs starting from Bar Line with specific models for coffee shops, hotels and restaurants up to Home Line. Made in Italy, handcrafts, design and technology are the features that clearly distinguish Elektra, a company where tradition and innovative concepts intertwine with outstanding results. The company, established in Italy in 1947, became part of the Carimali group in June 2019, keeping its headquarters in Treviso.

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