Monday 24 June 2024
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Grand Havana retains digital marketing agency and social media partner

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MIAMI, Florida, U.S. – Grand Havana, Inc., announced today that they have retained D2C, a Digital Marketing Agency, and Joshua Beaven a SEO and Social Media Guru, to assist with Grand Havana’s direct to consumer marketing strategy. The Company also announced the launch of their Grand Havana Official Amazon Shop, as well as an upcoming fresh to market product launch.

Robert Rico CEO Grand Havana, Inc, states “With the Direct to Consumer model at the core of our strategy for marketing and sales efforts, we needed to bring in heavy hitters from the digital marketing field. Defining and connecting with our target consumers online is our first step to creating a loyal customer. The next steps are to educate consumers, converting them into a sale, and retaining them thereon. We are confident our new digital marketing and social media partners will be instrumental in using “best practices” to carry out the steps of customer identification, education, conversion and retention.”

Robert continues, “With experience on national and international clients, both D2C and Joshua Beaven understandings the magnitude of what it takes to carry out a successful online campaign. The Gourmet Coffee Market is exploding. Our goal in this partnership is to stay ahead of the curve, leading innovation and consumer growth”

Joshua Beaven, President of D2C, stated, “We are excited about what our team’s already accomplished in the first fifteen days of partnership with Grand Havana.” These initial developments include:

  • Optimizing our website.
  • Building out and defining the Grand Havana customer.
  • Creating fresh content for paid ad campaigns.
  • Building the foundation on our social pages to organically grow consumer following and interaction.

Additionally, Grand Havana has just launched their official Amazon shop.

Beaven continues “Over the weekend, we will receive an update on our Amazon Coffee sales. We project that with the measures my team has taken- Grand Havana’s Coffee product sales on Amazon will nearly double each week in August.


This media rollout will also include the soon-to-be released Grand Havana All-Natural Caffeine Booster.

Robert Rico says, “We will have one of the first All-Natural Caffeine Booster beverages on the market in its category. Through our digital, social media and Amazon campaign, we will have the ability to get our products in front of consumers on a very effective basis. We are excited to see this growth, while we continue to be an innovative force in the Gourmet Coffee marketplace.”


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