Tuesday 31 January 2023

Grand Havana Coffee Company announces entry in the public market trading

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MIAMI, U.S – Junkie Dog, Inc. is pleased to announce it has executed a definitive plan of exchange reverse pursuant to which “JKDG” acquired all of the issued and outstanding shares of Grand Havana Masters, LLC.

The acquisition is effective immediately under the terms and conditions of the share exchange agreement.

Grand Havana is the sole shareholder of Grand Havana Masters, LLC and Grand Havana, LLC.

In connection with the acquisition, Grand Havana’s stock commenced trading on the OTCMARKETS under the symbol “JKDG” and will soon file for a symbol change.

As a result of the consummation of the acquisition, they have commenced operations pursuing the business plan of their newly acquired subsidiary.

They are focused on the business of producing; distributing; marketing; and selling Cuban espresso and Leaf Tea. This product offers a premium blend masterly crafted by Luis Bustelo.

At closing, the Company appointed Luis Bustelo, Jorge Moreno, Steve Polisar and Tanya Brodimier to the Company’s Board of Directors. In addition, Mr. Robert Rico was appointed as CEO of the Company.

Mr. Rico stated, “We are extremely excited in introducing our Grand Havana Coffee Company into the market.

Our unique products and specialty coffee lines, serve a very fast growing segment in our industry. We are pleased to help bring forth a product that is both the highest quality and that is cost effective.

We feel certain this endeavor will be beneficial to consumers and shareholders alike, and enjoyed by everyday consumers as well as coffee enthusiasts worldwide.”

The Company will file an 8-K with the SEC providing information about the Company’s post-acquisition business, plan of operations, financial condition and management team.

Additionally, the company will be launching its online store to make its products available, using the promo code #fueledby consumers will get a 15% limited time discount on all orders.

About Grand Havana Coffee Company

Grand HAVANA Coffee is a Miami-based specialty coffee retailer and wholesaler.  GH specializes in the small-batch roasting of cuban espresso coffee beans, masterfully blended by legendary roaster, Luis Bustelo, the original master blender of the cuban espresso. The company focuses on taking the product mainstream following the massive popular demand for our specialized roasting blend, with our turnkey coffee kiosks coming to a city near you.

Under our nationwide campaign #Fueledby the company has and will continue to align itself with Athletes within the NFL, NASCAR , World Championship Boxing and The Olympics.

Grand Havana Coffee is the consumer’s brand of choice for delving into the essence, allure and nostalgia of old HAVANA, with all its coffee products roasted and packaged in Miami, US.

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