Thursday 13 June 2024
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Grand Havana appoints industry leader Hugo Gutiérrez as the new President and Chief Operating Officer

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MIAMI, FL, USA – Grand Havana Inc. announces that industry leader Mr. Hugo Gutiérrez joins Grand Havana to oversee company development effective immediately. Mr. Gutiérrez has been appointed as President, Chief Operating Officer, and Member of the Board.

Hugo comes to us from industry giant Wendy’s, where he built an impressive career in various leadership positions. In the stem of his career, Mr. Gutiérrez led global and regional companies such as Denny’s and Pollo Tropical.

“Mr. Gutiérrez’s leadership and decisions will be accompanied by fresh energy that will drive excellence in all aspects of the business,” says the company in a press release. “He will streamline the cafe operations as the company gears up to expand its casual fast cafe business as well as enhance our customer experience that will increase our sales and make our brand more relevant. We are confident that his passion and skill set will position us to make the necessary improvements to operations and take the company to the next level while staying true to our mission and the values that are essential to our customers.”

“We are excited to welcome Hugo Gutiérrez as our new President, a well-seasoned expert who will make a great leader to our leadership team and for our entire system to benefit from his impressive experience and operational expertise,” said Tanya Bredemeier. “The brand and its identity are deep in his DNA as a Cuban American businessman. Hugo Gutiérrez has the personal know how in creating an authentic experience as we move forward in the opening of our cafe in Miami,” concluded Tanya Bredemeier.

“I am proud to join the Grand Havana brand at a time when leadership is focused on building a national chain,” said Mr. Gutiérrez.

“I have great respect for the brand and its mission. In the center of Grand Havana is its delicious coffee that I will seek to combine with a memorable customer experience. I will also focus on increasing the cultural relevance of the brand through menu innovation and digital communications. The goal is to deliver a unique, one-of-a-kind experience like never done before when you walk into our cafes. I submit that my goal is to provide shareholder value and create opportunities for our employees.”


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