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Gourmia announces coffee maker compatible with most espresso capsules

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BROOKLYN, N.Y., U.S. – Gourmia, a designer and manufacturer of innovative countertop kitchen appliances, announces a new line of single-serve coffee makers, with its flagship model the GC5000.

This innovative machine is the first that can brew any variety of K-Cups*, from coffee and tea to hot chocolate, plus all espresso capsules, and includes a built-in milk frother.

The new Gourmia single-serve coffee line also features other industry firsts, including the GCM3000, the first K-Cup plus loose leaf tea infuser; the GCM4000, the first all-in-one K-Cup plus milk frother; and the GCM6000, the first K-Cup plus loose leaf tea infuser and milk frother.

“The problem with coffee makers has always been that coffee lovers had to choose one brand and system, or purchase one machine for each method in order to enjoy their favorite cup of joe,” commented Sam Ash, chief marketing officer for Gourmia.

“Our Gourmia GC5000 has solved that problem. It is the first machine to give coffee lovers the freedom to enjoy all their favorite K-Cup* beverages and capsule coffees and espressos.

There is no longer any need for them to be held captive to one specific brand or system. Now everyone in the family can have their own cup of coffee, espresso or tea just the way they want it.”


GC5000 – A First for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

The Gourmia GC5000 is a first for coffee, espresso, café latte, cappuccino, and tea lovers. It is the first and only single-serve coffee machine that gives them the freedom to enjoy any of their favorite cup or capsule brands using just one machine.

The unit is compatible with the most popular brands, including K-Cup*, Dolce Gusto*, Nespresso*, Lavazza Blue, Mio, and Point*, Caffitaly*, Illy*, and Expressi*.

The secret?

An interchangeable “CoffeeCart” system that makes using virtually all popular cups and espresso capsules as easy as removing one brand’s cartridge mount and popping in another. In addition to the CoffeeCart mounts, the unit also automatically adjusts bar pressure and other elements according to the type of cup or capsule being used.

Its adjustable base easily accepts any cup size from espresso through travel mugs. A flip-down side panel opens to provide a 5″ milk frother platform. It has an MSRP of $299.99.

Three More Revolutionary Coffee Makers from Gourmia

The new Gourmia line of single-serve coffee makers includes three additional models that break new ground for consumers. The GCM3000 and GCM6000 each can brew ground coffee, K-Cups, and tea leafs; the G

CM6000 features a milk frother. The GCM4000 can brew ground coffee, K-Cups and has a milk frother. All three models make up to one 8-ounce cup from a large water reservoir. An adjustable cup rest allows for assorted size cups up to travel mugs.

“In addition to offering consumers expanded options, our new products enable Gourmia to become a ‘one stop shop’ for retailers looking to perk up their single-serve sales,” added Ash.

“We offer a full range of machines that will finally give consumers a reason to move up from their existing K-Cup units, without having to leave their favorite K-Cups.”

All models in the Gourmia line of single-serve coffee makers will be available in Q2 2016.

*Coffee products carrying these trademarks are not associated with Gourmia and have not endorsed this product for use with their cups and/or capsules.

Source Gourmia

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