Monday 24 June 2024
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GoodWest launches broad cold brew coffee line in food service

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DOUGLASSVILLE, Penn., U.S. – GoodWest Industries, LLC., a national provider of premium dispensed iced coffees, coffee refreshments and coffee condiments, today relaunched their Java Creations iced coffee beverages.

The Java Creations line, is now made with 100% authentic cold brew coffee, includes a wide offering of Cold Brew flavors: Black & Bold, Au Lait, Salted Caramel, Horchata and Café a la Mode.

These creative flavors feature authentic slow & cold brewed coffee and are certain to please your most discerning customers. GoodWest now offers the widest variety of Ready-to-Drink (RTD) bulk dispensed Cold Brew iced coffee products in today’s away-from-home marketplace.

All Java Creations Cold Brew iced coffees are formulated with 100% Arabica Cold Brew coffee. All products are aseptically processed for extended shelf-life and ambient storage.

All products, apart from Black & Bold, are made with all-natural dairy products and pure cane sugar. Java Creations Cold Brews are packaged in proprietary 6-liter dispenser bags and are shelf stable, requiring no refrigeration and have a nine month average shelf life.

Java Creations offers turnkey convenience, including a no cost / no risk dispenser loaner program. Future products will include 3-liter wine tap box packaging and exciting new flavor varieties.


The Cold Brew Lineup includes:

  • Black & Bold: Authentic slow & cold brewed, clean, rich, bold, and refreshing
  • Au Lait: French-style coffee blended with low-fat milk, sweetened with pure cane sugar
  • Salted Caramel: Rich, smooth, caramel-flavor delightfully finished with sea salt
  • Horchata: Unique Hispanic-style spiced blend flavored with cinnamon, a hint of mocha and milk
  • Café a la Mode: Contemporary blend of cold brewed espresso, French vanilla, rich mocha and whole milk

Rick Lawlor, CEO of GoodWest Industries, states “Cold Brewed Java Creations Coffees from GoodWest are the ideal solution for the convenience and food service operator looking to add premium, authentic cold brews to their beverage offering.

We offer a great lineup of innovative premium cold brews aimed at the millennial consumer. Our on trend cold brew dispenser program is designed for operators to drive traffic to the self- serve beverage area thus increasing their profits versus a single serve bottled offering, as well as grow foot traffic, and increased customer loyalty through our unique flavor profiles, and broad product offering. No other cold brew provider has the options we do.”


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