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Goldblack Coffee launches summer beverages inspired by childhood memories

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HONG KONG — Helmed by award-winning Taiwanese barista, Van Lin, Goldblack Coffee has established itself as one of the finest independent cafés and coffee specialists in Kwai Tsing District. From bean selection to roasting and brewing, the utmost amount of attention is paid to every step of the coffee-making process to ensure that customers can enjoy the perfect cup every time.

Constantly brewing up new surprises for java junkies, Goldblack Coffee recently launched three new childhood-inspired beverages titled Cheesey Childhood, Open, Sesame and Coconut Kingdom.

These all-new creations are made with Goldblack’s House Blend. The blend comprises beans personally selected by Van Lin from boutique coffee plantations in Guatemala, El Salvador and India. Given a medium-dark roast, the Goldblack House Blend features fragrant notes of tangerine and is creamy and nutty with hints of toffee and dark chocolate. Wonderfully complex, the House Blend lends a unique and layered flavour profile to the three new seasonal beverages.

Cheesey Childhood

This bold new creation pairs parmesan cheese with smooth hazelnut coffee. For a touch of childhood nostalgia, the drink is topped with the beloved school-time snack of Baby Star Noodles. Using a blowtorch, the baristas lightly melt the cheese into the Baby Star noodles with pepper to create a textured layer that’s crunchy and creamy at the same time. Meanwhile, the savoury parmesan and aromatic hazelnut coffee make for a surprisingly satisfying combination.

Open, Sesame

Taking inspiration from the popular Chinese dessert of black sesame sweet soup, this beverage takes a double shot of espresso and combines it with creamy whole milk to create a stunning, marble-like pattern. The star, of course, is the sesame, a superfood loaded with nutrients such as vitamin E, which is known to improve skin health while also boasting anti-ageing properties. The delicate flavours and textures of the sesame are kept intact to imbue the drink with a deliciously nutty taste and aroma.

Coconut Kingdom

Capturing the flavours of summer, a sip of this new seasonal creation will transport you to a sun-soaked tropical island getaway. Served in a whole young coconut, this refreshingly sweet beverage combines coconut water with aromatic coffee and tops it off with a sprinkle of coconut flakes. Fusing iced java and sweet young coconut flesh, this beautiful beverage is the perfect Insta-worthy summertime cooler.

Aside from the three seasonal beverages, Goldblack Coffee will also offer a new Secret Rainbow Egg Coffee at its store. The mystery concoction is available to customers who have collected all the Creative Tokens after trying the trio of summertime specialities. Cheesey Childhood, Open, Sesame and Coconut Kingdom are all available from now until the end of August 2019.

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