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GoJava helps Canadian workplaces become more hip, healthy, and green

TORONTO, Canada — Since launching in 2015, GoJava has been changing the way that traditional office services such as coffee, water filtration and snacks are provided. By focusing on sustainability as well as health and wellness, GoJava is helping offices become more hip, healthy, and green.

The company uses a circular economy approach to office services, delivering items like coffee and tea, while taking away and recycling hard-to-recycle materials like coffee pods, paper cups and organic waste. GoJava customers range in size from small offices to multi-location companies with more than 1,000 employees.

Over the last year, GoJava has expanded its offerings to include fresh roasted coffee from Toronto’s and Ottawa’s best local roasters, as well as a large variety of healthy snacks, fruit and refreshments. The company’s mission is to be a one-stop-shop for workplaces looking for healthy, local and sustainable products.

The company has doubled its business in the last eight months and now counts more than 500 offices as customers. Eugene Ace, GoJava’s founder and CEO, says the reason for their growth is that “By providing modern, healthy, and sustainable offerings in office coffee and snacks, we’re helping leading workplaces to attract, retain and keep employees productive”.

With renewed commitment to their mission, this current round of funding allows GoJava to continue to scale the business in Toronto and Ottawa and prepare for new markets across Canada in 2020.