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GLOBAL – Quality Espresso has trained five hundred baristas and coffee professionals in 2013

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BARCELONA, Spain- Quality Espresso does not only design, produce and distribute its professional espresso machines worldwide. Nor is the company content with an R&D Department which innovates to stay one step ahead of the competition.

In recent years its Training Department has also been responsible for teaching the secrets of espresso coffee preparation and latte art, as well as how to use its coffee equipment.

This year the department, whose manager is approved by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), has organized workshops and training sessions for about five hundred students, mostly baristas, managers and sales people.

The training sessions are designed to “teach our customers how to use espresso equipment” but they also cover “aspects such as the amount of coffee needed for a good espresso, the right milk temperature in a cappuccino or what the world’s best green coffees are”, says Ruben Sanz, the Training Department Manager. “It’s an after-sales service that no other machine manufacturer offers”, he adds.

Quality Espresso tasting

The task of the department, which is linked to the Sales area, is highly valued by customers, mostly roasters and hotel or restaurant chains, because it helps their managers and sales personnel know the product thoroughly and because it gives valuable skills to baristas and coffee beverage managers”.


“The fact that we are able to train our clients as well as baristas and beverage professionals has contributed to the prestige of our equipment and is also great support for the sales process”, says Julian Melbourne, Export Director.

Courses are taught in the company’s Training Room “but also on request at the premises of customers or distributors, whether in Spain, Europe, Latin America or any of the 90 countries where we distribute our equipment”, says Sanz, accustomed to travel the world to explain the secrets of coffee making and Quality Espresso machines. The Training


Department is also responsible for product demonstrations which are carried out at exhibitions or events like barista shows with other invited professionals.

Furthermore, Sanz is approved by the SCAE to train café and restaurant personnel and other people interested in the world of coffee, and can certify baristas according to the standards of this prestigious organization, based in England.

About Quality Espresso

Quality Espresso is the owner of the brands Futurmat, Italcrem, Mairali, Visacrem, and also shares through an allocation of countries the rights to the Gaggia brand with Gaggia SpA.

It is the largest manufacturer of professional espresso equipment in Spain and one of the leaders worldwide in its industry.

With a tradition that dates back to 1952, the company employs 120 people and exports to 90 countries from its 17,000 square meter plant in Barcelona.


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