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GLOBAL NEWS – New Colombia Resources Inc. closes acquisition of Café Tolima Don Diego

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BARRANQUILLA, Colombia – New Colombia Resources, Inc. (“New Colombia or the Company”) announces they have closed the acquisition of Café Tolima Don Diego, LLC (Café Tolima) from Diego Guarnizo. The Company made this acquisition to distribute USDA Certified Organic Coffee in Colombia, North America, Europe, and China.

This acquisition is in line with the company’s corporate objective of taking advantage of resource opportunities in the Republic of Colombia.

Café Tolima Don Diego is in contact with supermarket chains, airlines, and wholesale clubs in the U.S. and Colombia. New Colombia Resources will establish a sales office in Colombia to handle domestic and international sales.

To learn how Café Tolima Don Diego organic coffee is produced visit:

Café Tolima will work with celebrities to help promote their organic coffee, especially to the health conscience Hispanic market in the U.S., the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. Café Tolima will also export chocolate covered gourmet coffee beans and other coffee candies for distribution in convenience stores and retail outlets.

The company plans to coin the term “Don Diego” as the pop culture name of chocolate covered coffee beans.

They will promote these tasty snacks as a healthier alternative to sugary energy drinks. Studies have shown that moderate amounts of chocolate and coffee improves energy metabolism, may lower blood pressure, and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Diego Guarnizo will stay on as President of the wholly owned subsidiary. Mr. Guarnizo has consolidated the coffee growers in the Tolima Department of Colombia to supply the Company with the highest quality organic and specialty coffees.

Most coffee, especially from the Southern growing area of Tolima, comes from small family farms that hand pick and process their coffee with pride resulting in an exceptional coffee with sugar cane sweetness, floral hints, and traces of tropical fruits that are grown in the area.

New Colombia Resources is in advanced negotiations to acquire the majority shares in a fully reporting publicly traded company for the purpose of spinning out Café Tolima Don Diego, LLC into its own public entity. New Colombia will issue a dividend in these shares to existing shareholders on the date of record to be announced. The company will keep shareholders updated accordingly.

“Diego and I have worked very hard the past few months to consolidate coffee growers in Tolima. Diego’s ties to that community have helped us establish a supply network of family farms willing to grow with us. We are very happy with the warm reception we’ve received from the local business community,” stated John Campo, President of New Colombia Resources.

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