Tuesday 21 March 2023

GLOBAL NEWS – Leading Italian roaster Co.Ind SpA comes to Pakistan

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BOLOGNA, Italy. DUBAI, U.A.E., and ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Co.Ind SpA, one of the largest coffee roasters in Italy and the leader in private label coffee roasting, has entered into an agreement with an Islamabad-based Group, which are the leading F&B distributors and real estate developers, to open Attibassi Coffee franchisees across Pakistan in all major cities and towns.

Mr. Abdal Saeed said that Coffee is the second largest drink consumed across the world after water and coffee drinkers in Pakistan are increasing exponentially.

Changing trends with growing young population in Pakistan is creating a strong need for a traditional and pure Italian Coffee franchise in the country.

With Attibassi outlets opening across the country, “we will fulfill this need by providing authentic Italian coffee freshly roasted in Bologna Italy and directly shipped to all major cities in Pakistan for consumption.”

Mr. Saeed further added that, Attibassi Pakistan will go big-bang by opening 6 consecutive outlets (One every month) in the first six months after its official launch across the country followed by 20 locations planned to be opened in the next 3 years.

He said that our franchising model will capitalize on growing Coffee Business in Pakistan just like the Middle Eastern and Far Eastern countries where coffee consumption revenues have sky-rocketed. We will redefine the coffee industry in Pakistan through authentic Italian taste blended with a delicate localization.

According to Garo Vanian, President of Ararat International, “We have been working on identifying representation for Attibassi in Pakistan since the coffee trend has become significant in Asia.

It is our plan to work with the newly developed division in Pakistan to support them thought the expansion of Attibassi Cafes through the region.  Since the beginning of last year, there has been an aggressive movement in the region regarding coffee imports.”

Garo S. Vanian, President of Ararat International, who was awarded the French Legion of Honor in 1993 for the development of Franco-African Business Relations, said, “We look forward to the expansion, and feel we made an excellent choice of partners to represent such an exclusive Italian coffee company and coffee shop chain in Pakistan.”

About Attibassi

Attibassi brand was born in Bologna in 1918 through the desire of two confectioners: Mr.Agostino Atti and Mr. Marco Bassi.

Through years of experience, study, and understanding the ever changing character of raw materials, Attibassi has achieved the perfect balance between human experience, and the use of modern industrial processes.

People every day enjoy the quality and taste of Attibassi at over 1,000 locations throughout the world and its famous Espresso cup logo is recognized by multiple generations as the Classic Italian Coffee.

Attibassi is available in, Italy, USA, Germany, UK, Holland, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Denmark, Macedonia, Kosovo, Romania, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Jordan, Korea, Maldives Islands, Singapore, and soon to come UAE and Pakistan.

To learn more about Attibassi, go to http://www.attibassicaffe.com.

About Co.Ind

Attibassi is a part of the Co.Ind group, under the ownership of COOP and CONAD. COOP is the #1 largest retail chain in Italy and CONAD is the #2 largest retail chain in Italy.

COOP also owns and operates the largest supermarket chain in Italy. COOP operates 1,444 shops, 56,682 employers, and annual revenue of €12.9 billion.

Attibassi is the flagship and Special Reserve brand of the Co.Ind group.

The group was founded in 1961, in Castel Maggiore (Bologna, Italy), and is one of the largest coffee roasters in Italy and the leader in private labeling, supplying the roasted coffee to some of the most well-known coffee companies in the world, including, Nestle, Doreca, Dunkin Donuts, Caffé Nero, and Armani, just to name a few.

To learn more about Co.Ind sPa., go to http://www.coind.com.

About Ararat International

Ararat International operating through its wholly-owned foreign subsidiary, Ararat International Trading F.Z.E., is a Free Zone company incorporated in Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

The company was established in 1974 in Sudan as sole distributors of consumer, defense, agricultural, and transportation products for the African Economies.  Garo S. Vanian, President of Ararat International, was awarded the French Legion of Honor in 1993 for the development of Franco-African Business Relations.

Family-owned and operated, Ararat International is referred to by the Sunday Times UK AS “the Harrods of Khartoum” due to the notable affiliations or brands Ararat represents.  To learn more about Ararat Inc., go to http://www.araratinternational.com.

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