Tuesday 18 June 2024
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GLOBAL – New Colombia Resources Inc. will import organic coffee to enter the booming high value organic coffee market

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BARRANQUILLA, Colombia – New Colombia Resources, Inc. (“New Colombia or the Company”) announces they have signed a letter of intent to acquire Café Tolima Don Diego, LLC to distribute USDA Certified Organic Coffee in Colombia, North America, Europe, and China.

This acquisition is in line with the company’s corporate objective of taking advantage of resource opportunities in the Republic of Colombia.

Café Tolima Don Diego is in talks with supermarket chains, airlines, and wholesale clubs in the U.S. and Colombia. New Colombia Resources will establish a sales office in Colombia to handle domestic and international sales.

New Colombia Resources met with attorneys yesterday to establish their Café Tolima Don Diego S.A.S. operating subsidiary in Colombia. Diego Guarnizo will work with John Campo to enhance the brand and begin their coffee distribution by purchasing 16,000 lbs of USDA Certified Organic coffee for distribution in Colombia and the U.S.

The company’s suggested retail price will be $ 8.00 for a 500 gram package in Colombia and $ 10 for a 1 lb package in the U.S.

The company will work closely with Andres Castro of Guia de Café in Bogota’ to establish the perfect organic award winning blend. A coffee from Tolima won the Colombia Baristas Championship earlier this year.


The organic food business is booming around the world with coffee having the greatest value of any organic import to North America. Colombian coffee is considered the best in the world since the Colombian Coffee Federation has the strictest export quality standards.

New Colombia Resources aims to deliver the best organic and traditional coffee to the domestic market as well as the export market since many in Colombia feel they are cheated out of good coffee.

“With coffee bean prices at an all time low, we feel this is the best time to enter the coffee business since the price on the shelf for organic coffee doesn’t reflect the low futures prices.

In reference to coking coal, I feel the recent upgrade of met coal stocks is very encouraging since we expect to begin selling coal in the coming months after prices have recovered,” stated John Campo, President of New Colombia Resources.


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