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Georgia Gotica leads South Korea’s canned coffee market

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Coca-Cola has been leading a new market for the company here, for premium canned coffee, with its brand Georgia Gotica.

The product has captured coffee lovers not only with its taste but also with its rich aroma since its market launch in May last year, the company said.

South Koreans on average consume 428 cups of coffee a year, according to recent data by Statistics Korea.

The country is the sixth-largest market for coffee in the world and its size is estimated to be 5.4 trillion won ($4.9 billion).

To satisfy demand for coffee products, the company released Georgia Gotica Master’s Latte in August as a joint project with Shawn Steiman, a renowned coffee expert.

From bean roasting to coffee tasting, Steiman worked as an adviser for the company to produce a deeper aroma for its canned coffee products.


The company plans to promote the latest product by airing TV commercials that feature Hallyu star Lee Min-ho, who will highlight the latte’s rich aroma as well as its smooth texture.

The ads will air in October, the company added.

Cho Chung-un


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