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Geesaa, the intelligent pour-over coffee maker, launched on Kickstarter

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – The GEESAA coffee maker launched on May 14 is now available from $599 USD on Kickstarter. Created by professional baristas with over 16 years of experience, GEESAA is an intelligent pour-over coffee maker that can accurately replicate master baristas’ recipes. It is equipped with a spinning arm to mimic the hand-pouring motion of a barista to evenly extract the essence out of coffee beans.

“We were disappointed to have not found a single home coffee machine that can accurately replicate the kind of coffee we make for our customers. All too often these machines come with a one-size-fits-all making process and fail to extract the fullest of flavors from beans, leaving drinkers unsatisfied. So, we create GEESAA to let our customers conveniently enjoy pour-over the way it should be enjoyed,” explained LuGuo Jie He, a member of the GEESAA team, a barista and roaster with 16 years’ experience.

“It perfectly recreates the way I brew a delicious cup of coffee. Customers will be able to taste the coffee as if made by a barista at home every day,” added Chin-li Wang, a member of the GEESAA team and an online coffee influencer with 16-year barista experience.

While hand-brewing coffee takes complicated techniques: from needing a steady hand, to finding ideal temperatures, flow speeds, and brew times, GEESAA works for customers to deliver each brew with precision and consistency as if made by a barista. Its spinning arm and rotating base design enable it to pour water in a spiral path at a constant flow rate, make the grounds evenly immersed, and accentuate intricate and authentic flavors of the beans. With GEESAA’s built-in recipes and highly customizable parameters, coffee lovers of any skill level can effortlessly enjoy a cup of finest pour-over coffee in less than 3 minutes.

“Leaving the complex brewing process to GEESAA gives baristas more time to interact with customers, passing on and sharing knowledge about coffee,” said Kai-wei Lin, a member of the GEESAA team and a coffee promoter with 7-year barista experience.

The GEESAA team has spent over 3 years developing the GEESAA coffee maker. Based in Taiwan, the team is composed of devoted coffee lovers including professionals from high-tech industries, baristas and roasters with more than 16 years of experience in the coffee industry. Together, the team embraced the new wave of the coffee revolution and combined cloud technology and the extensive capabilities of a custom-built app to create this smart pour-over coffee maker that brings together the expertise of baristas with the convenience and flexibility of an automatic coffee maker.


GEESAA campaign duration: May 14 – Jun. 28
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