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Garage Coffee Bros reports positive feedback from Gulfood in Dubai

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VERONA, Italy — The feedback on Gulfood is extremely positive for Garage Coffee Bros., the blend “The Steam Co.” produced by the brothers from Verona has been very appreciated by the participants. Davide Cobelli comments on the event:

“We have been literally assaulted at Mumac Academy. We are very thankful to them for hosting us for four days. We found people interested in getting to know our product and where to find it in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf”.

After this positive result, what are our future challenges?

“I’d say Gulfood made us realize that we have a product which is good and very dissimilar from what you can find locally. Our products, therefore, can easily find their space in the rather unexplored Middle-Eastern market.”

What makes your products so different from the abovementioned ones?

“Since when we started the business our goal has been to respect green beans and the final customers at the same time. Every day we devote ourselves to obtain a well-balanced roasting, necessary to have an actual high quality “Specialty” product. We have special care towards the customers’ perception; the result should be not too acid, neither unpleasantly bitter with a lingering aftertaste”.

What about your next challenge?

“It will be roasting coffee weekly for more and more customers and increase their loyalty as well. We look at it as a partnership instead of a trade relationship, we talk with everybody who trusted us to have coffee. In particular, regarding coffee shops, we are looking for a true relationship between people, instead of companies.

If the coffee shops work more, we do as well. Our aim is not to collaborate with everybody: we have our work ethic, and we have rules, we are not sharing our coffee with people who do not share them. That’s the way we work.

Lastly, at the beginning of April in Shanghai there will be Hotelex, where we will have a little booth among dozens of others roasteries, a few of them will be high quality Italian ones. We are proud to be already placed among these Roasting Legends.”

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