Tuesday 21 March 2023

Gaggia Milano meets the London Coffee Festival from 28th to 31st March

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LONDON, UK – When in 2011 the first London Coffee Festival took place with over 100 exhibitors and 7,000 visitors, it soon became clear that this event was giving the coffee world exactly what it desired. Eight years later, also thanks to exclusive shows with renowned baristas, workshops, art exhibitions, live music, street food and coffee-based drinks, this international fair has become an unavoidable and unconventional event for coffee lovers and the coffee industry in general.

Again, from the 28th to the 31st March 2019, exhibitors from all over the world will have the opportunity to introduce their coffee machines at their stands. Also Gaggia Milano, which is part of the Evoca Group, will be present at the London Coffee Festival for the very first time.

Apart from its historical product range, its stars will be the two new best-in-class machines, La Radiosa and La Reale, but also the new grinder G10 with its exclusive Dose on Demand mode. Their attention to a design which reinterprets in a modern way the style of the legendary 1950s, together with their premium positioning as well as their technological innovation, makes them deserve special at-tention.

There’s no doubt that the first big news at Gaggia Milano’s stand is the super-automatic coffee machine La Radiosa, which will delight all visitors with hot and cold frothed milk drinks.

Thanks to its advanced technology, this machine allows to opt for either a Self-Service Mode, that is a direct selection of the coffee-based drink the user desires, or the so-called Barista Mode, which gives the opportunity to insert more selections in the queue as well as customize the drink (such as cup size and coffee intensity).

This does not mean that the undisputed queen of the scene still remains the traditional espresso machine La Reale, which reflects the desire to celebrate the art of making coffee in the Italian way, exactly as Achille Gaggia taught us.

Maximum steam productivity and maximum flexibility in man-aging the temperature within the brew groups, associated with the possibility to make quick and intuitive selections, make La Reale an avant-garde professional coffee machine with high perfor-mances.

Since Gaggia Milano likes doing things well, its first experience at the London Coffee Festival will also be marked by the special participation of Davide Cobelli. Specialized in both professional counselling and training for companies working in the coffee industry, as well as in organising public events, he’s at the head of his own Coffee Training Academy.

His great professionalism and atten-tion to the extraction of the finest taste out of every coffee bean made him be appointed member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and a certified international judge for World Coffee Events.

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