Thursday 25 July 2024
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Fuffee takes the energy from coffee to create a battery-free social platform zone

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MILAN – Fuffee is a cutting-edge coffee mug that uses thermal energy from coffee to create a batter/cable/electric-free social platform where you can connect with your friends and family living far away. A Columbus-based innovative product design company has launched a next-gen coffee mug on Indiegogo that not holds your warm brew but also serves as a cool battery-free social platform!

Titled “Fuffee,” the mug works in tandem with a smartphone app to create a battery-free social platform zone where you can easily interact with various media and services.

The first-of-its-kind mug harnesses the thermal energy produced from coffee to let you enjoy a cable/battery/electric-free social platform. All you will need here is a warm cup of coffee.

“We are here to enrich your coffee moments like the way you have never imagined before,” – Nocero Beguhe, Fuffee.

“We are excited to bring to you our new unique coffee mug that utilizes thermal energy from hot coffee to create a new experience for you, every time you drink from that cup. It’s not just a mug but something exclusive that introduces the paradigm of coffee drinking as a social platform. With Fuffee, you will be able to enjoy time with your family and friends living far away, every time you will drink from it. This way, you will not only be having a warm cuppa but also enjoying your social life.”

One mug of warm coffee will enable users to upload 5 to 10 images on a row. The mug comes with a unique e-paper display where you can upload pictures directly from your phone as a display. You will be able to change your display pictures every time you will pour in a hot cuppa of coffee in it.

The Fuffee mug comes with a Teflon coated aluminum at the base of the cup that helps to conduct heat into energy harvester located just below the aluminum. Now, beneath the energy harvester, the mug has an aluminum element that allows easy heat transfer. The CPU, Bluetooth smart, display driver, and power management features of the cup are right at the bottom.

Using the Fuffee mug is very simple:

  • You have to download the app in your smartphone from the company website,
  • Keep the Bluetooth on and open up the app,
  • Pour hot coffee in Fuffee,
  • Look for Fuffee ID number (located at the bottom of the cup), and pair up your Fuffee mug with the smartphone app to kickstart your Fuffee social time,
  • Upload your favorite picture onto the queue, and it will immediately appear of Fuffee screen.

If you have friends with Fuffee mug, you can even add images to their picture queues.

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