Sunday 21 July 2024
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FreshCap releases new functional mushroom-based beverages with coffee

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EDMONTON, AB, Canada – FreshCap Mushrooms LTD., a leading brand in mushroom-based nutrition, today announced the launch of three new functional mushroom beverage products. Mushroom Coffee: A blend of premium organic instant coffee with Lion’s Mane mushroom, Chaga mushroom and Ashwagandha for energy, cognition, and immune support. Focus: A caffeine-free blend of Lion’s Mane mushroom and clinically studied Neumentix® spearmint extract for focus, productivity and deep work. Unwind: A soothing blend of Reishi mushroom, l-theanine, magnesium and other natural botanicals for relaxation and sleep support.

These new products are complementary to FreshCap’s existing line of premium mushroom extracts, with the additional benefit of being delicious, easy to use, and with broader appeal to new consumers just learning about the benefits of mushrooms.

“This release is a huge leap forward in our mission to bring the benefits of mushrooms to as many people as possible,” says Tony Shields, FreshCap co-founder and CEO.

“Consumers are looking for alternative ways to experience medicinal mushrooms. I’m proud of our team’s ability to formulate these powerful ingredients into products that are both effective and delicious.”

Mushroom Coffee, Focus, and Unwind come in boxes of 15-20 convenient stick packs. They are enjoyed by simply emptying the stick into a mug with hot water. All 3 products are available for purchase starting Monday, February 8th at both and

About FreshCap: Founded in 2015 by mushroom growers Tony and Tegan Shields, FreshCap is a leading brand in

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