Monday 22 April 2024
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FoodPlex mobile app broadens its presence in Moscow coffee shops

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MOSCOW, Russian Federation — The Plazius mobile application offered by FoodPlex (part of Sberbank’s ecosystem) can now be used in 53 Cofix coffee shops. All of the shops in this chain (more than 135 throughout Russia) will be connected to this service by the end of August.

The service will help Cofix study consumer preferences, increase the popularity of the chain and average bill, and attract a new audience. Cofix’s visitors will be able to receive free drinks by participating in the Plazius loyalty programme.

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Cofix will give every user a free drink of their choice for their first order on Plazius. Customers will be given virtual cof tokens for every 60 roubles spent. The tokens can be used to pay for orders. The chain also plans to add a pre-order option that will let consumers order in advance via the app and then pick up food and drinks at a Cofix location of their choice.

Plazius developed the COFIX Club app especially for the coffee shop chain. Consumers can interact with Cofix via the branded app and the Plazius app.

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Plazius has been integrated into 2,100 restaurants across Russia, including the Coffee House, Boston Seafood & Bar, Menza and Khleb Nasushny chains.

The company’s goal is to provide the best digital user experience by bringing together all the segments of Russian catering establishments on its platform: the Afisha Restaurants recommendation system, mechanics for booking restaurants and waiter-less payment of bills, cash-free tips, spilt bills, and pre-ordering for restaurants, coffee shops and fast food joints.

Plazius, which includes the Afisha Restaurants service, is one of the key products of FoodPlex, a company owned by Sberbank and Rambler & Co. The company’s digital solutions help restaurants to increase revenues and attendance and attract new clients. The Plazius marketing platform for restaurants includes information about consumer preferences, user analysis, a loyalty programme, and services for messaging, booking and payments.

The app for guests simplifies the process of choosing a restaurant and speeds up bill delivery. Plazius gives users additional benefits and bonus cashback, lets them pay bills and leave non-cash tips, and offers a pre-order service that cuts waiting times.

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