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Fogdog Cold Brew launches hydrodynamic cold brew coffee and tea

SAN FRANCISCO, CA U.S. – Fogdog Cold Brew, a Bay Area-based startup introduced the industry’s first hydrodynamic cold brew coffee and tea at this year’s Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, to great acclaim.

Offering samples of its coffees and teas that were created through a patent-pending hydrodynamic cold extraction process, the company’s products were a highlight of the annual tradeshow.

“We are really happy with the response we received from buyers, distributors, and the media at this year’s Fancy Food Show,” said Alex Siow, Fogdog founder and managing partner.

“Our unique process creates products that are naturally flavorful, without any additives and people really responded positively to that.”

The cold brew coffee and tea company currently offers its cold brew dark roast coffee and several varieties of cold brew teas, including: Scarlet Red and Golden Oolong.

These flavors were available for tasting at the Fancy Food Show, and also at the company’s VIP Launch Event held during the show. Investors, distributors and media were treated to samples of the coffee and tea, and to cocktails inspired by the products’ ingredients.

“Our launch event was the official kickoff for Fogdog, and we were thrilled by its success,” said Siow.

“We wanted stakeholders to have the opportunity to really taste the products and compare them to other products on the shelf. We feel very confident that our coffees and teas set a new bar for cold brew, and the overwhelmingly positive response from the launch event proves this.”

Fogdog Cold Brew will continue to grow its distribution nationwide throughout this year.

In the picture: Fogdog Founding partners (L-R): Luke Siow, Winnie Yu, FuTung Cheng, Alex Siow, Dan Popovich