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First Meeting Rule of the Latte Art Grading System held last week

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MILAN, Italy – The first Meeting Rule was held last week in the headquarters of the Latte Art Grading System, with the participation of the System Board of Director. During the meeting, the rules of the Lags competitions – that recently experienced the first world final Official – were debated and revised.

The “Latte Art Grading System®” is a qualification system of technical and creative skills about the latte art of the barista (usually employed in espresso making).

The system is based on five levels called “grading”; each one has a different color as indicated by the grading system logo: white, orange, green, red and black.

Each grading match specific the skills that the barista has to have acquired and be able to support during the grading exam.

The Latte Art Grading System, born 4 years ago, today has 37 nations in the world representing it and that in the new year are organizing competitions which will lead to the second world championship in 2021.

So the 2.0 regulation of the Lags Battle Competition will soon be online, it has been improved both in content and form, bringing rules not only of a technical nature and for supporting the judges, but also relating to the figure of the bartender and what and who the bartender represents; this is because behind the system there is always the objective of developing an ideal profile of the one who works in the cafeteria and not that of a mere performer of latte art.


New tools for judges, refinement of the competition area, calibration systems and courses will be the novelties of the LAGS 2.0 regulation which will be tested on the first competitions in 2020 in a pilot manner before reaching the national and world finals.
Proposal for possible modification of some system patterns and access modes too, also recalling the new support available to trainers: the APP, free on both Android and Apple systems.

By the end of January 2020 the regulation will be accessible in the disciplinary board section of the L.A.S.G.S. system.

For those wishing more information on this or regarding the activation of Lags Certification Point, write to


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