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First Global Cocoa Farmers Conference Declaration issued in Accra

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ACCRA, Ghana – Following the First Global Cocoa Farmers Conference GCFC1 held in Accra (Ghana) September 26-27, the conference participants issued the following Declaration.

Cocoa farmers from across the globe made it clear that the cocoa sector will not be business as usual during the just ended two day GCFC1

“Together, we build the bridge that pave the way in realizing an inclusive cocoa sector where each stakeholder plays their deserved role and that guarantee long term sustainability” – Abraham Adusei, President of World Cocoa Farmers Organization (WCFO), in his keynote speech.

‘’Trade is a force for inclusive and sustainable development with respect for planet and people –H. E The Dutch Ambassador, Ghana’’

‘’The perceived weak position of the farmers in the cocoa value chain cannot continue to exist’’ Edwin Afari (WCF M&E Manager)

We believe collective approach will define stakeholder’s role and responsibilities so, each stakeholders can effectively implement their role and contribute to building a strong and progressive cocoa value chain.

Cocoa farming must be recognized as a business by all stakeholders for farmers to be able to independently manage their cocoa farms as a lucrative business particularly the smallholders can grow sustainable cocoa crop, improve their living standards, take care for their families and independently represent themselves at all level across the sector.

We the 200 participants representing diverse stakeholders in the cocoa value chain who attended the First Global Cocoa Farmers Conference in Accra, the conference Declared:

  1. Farmer participation in sector activities. Policy and development initiative in the value chain. Farmers must have a space in policy formation as these policies directly affect our livelihood.
  2. The sector must define roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, there must role clarity and harmonizing of service delivery.
  3. Effective monitoring of sector activities to guarantee transparency and accountability.
  4. WCFO must be a significant contributor to the future of the cocoa economy
  5. WCFO experience must be taken into consideration and participate to share experiences on issues of climate change and deforestation.
  6. WCFO must be engaged in an inclusive manner in the development and implementation of all sustainability initiatives of the cocoa sector.
  7. WCFO must be part of market, trade and existing cocoa price mechanisms.
  8. WCFO must be part of signatories to all existing and future cocoa sector agreements and initiatives such as Global Cocoa Agreements, Cocoa and Forest initiatives and Cocoa Action.


This declaration is in accordance with other international cocoa sector declarations from International institutions such as ICCO and WCF.

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