Friday 14 June 2024
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Fire Department Coffee introduces Spirit-Infused Coffee Subscription Club

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ILLINOIS, Rockford – Fire Department Coffee announces their new coffee subscription club dedicated to bringing its members exclusive and first-of-its-kind Spirit-Infused Coffee each month. New memberships are limited and it’s recommended to sign up before space runs out. Each month’s specialty roast will be available to club members only, in their choice of either ground or whole bean coffee.

Fire Department Coffee was the first to bring Spirit-Infused Coffee to the market in 2016. Created with its signature infusion process, the initial roasts included coffee enhanced by the flavors of real bourbon, whiskey, tequila and rum. The alcohol content is removed during the roasting process, similar to cooking with spirits. The alcohol evaporates, but what remains are the delicious flavors and aromas that the spirits are known for.

As spirit-infused roasts gained in popularity, Fire Dept. Coffee expanded its offerings to include the taste of a wider range of spirits. More recently, five-star reviews have been pouring in for limited-edition roasts like Black Cherry Bourbon Infused Coffee and Vanilla Bean Bourbon Infused Coffee.

“When we realized just how much people enjoyed our limited-edition spirit-infused roasts, we wanted to find new ways to give them a special experience,” said Luke Schneider, founder and CEO of Fire Dept. Coffee. “We’ve had fun creating these new roasts, and I know that our club members will look forward to their arrival each month.”

The monthly subscription club is modeled after its own Coffee of the Month Club, in which subscribers receive a new roast each month, showcasing some of the finest coffee regions from around the globe.

The Spirit-Infused Coffee Club is the next evolution and the first subscribers will receive an 8-ounce bag of Blood Orange Bourbon Infused Coffee. This handpicked roast will be the first because it delivers an amazing flavor with hints of juicy blood oranges and sweet, wild honey. Each 8-ounce bag sells for $14.99 for club members.


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