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FINLAND – Fazer increases proportion of cocoa that complies with responsibility programmes to 70 per cent

In 2014, Fazer proceeded towards its cocoa vision and increased the proportion of cocoa meeting the requirements of responsibility to 50 per cent. Fazer actively participates in creating a common European standard for responsible cocoa.

ʻLast year, we increased the proportion of cocoa that complies with responsibility programmes to 50 per cent of all the cocoa purchased. This year, we expect to increase its share to 70 per cent,ʼ says Tom Lindblad, Managing Director, Commercial Units in Fazer Confectionery.

ʻOur target is that by 2017, the origin of the cocoa used by Fazer can be traced and the cocoa will meet the requirements of responsibility. ʼ

Cocoa that complies with responsibilityprogrammes includes certified cocoa (UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certificates) and cocoa produced in accordance with our partners’ responsibility programmes.

New responsibility initiative in Ecuador

In spring 2015, Fazer will start a new cooperation project in Ecuador. The aim of the Producer Plus programme is to guarantee that Ecuadorian cocoa fulfils Fazer’s requirements for responsibility and traceability.

In the future, the cocoa purchased by Fazer from Ecuador will be traceable down to the farm. The Ecuadorian Arriba cocoa is an important ingredient in Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate.

Verification of responsibility

The corner stones of Fazer’s responsible cocoa sourcing are the World Cocoa Foundation’s three principles: People, Profit, Planet. Responsibility criteria are fulfilled when growing cocoa provides a viable livelihood for the farmers and well-being to people and the farming methods are environmentally sustainable.

Improving productivity in cocoa farms forms an important part of responsibility work. By improving productivity, the farmers’ income levels grow, enhancing their possibilities to invest in their farms and develop their communities.

Certification offers the verification of responsibility criteria by a third party. Currently, Fazer purchases both UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa.

In addition to certification systems, Fazer also purchases cocoa according to selected responsibility programmes (Source Trust, Producer Plus). Our partners implementing the programmes in the countries of origin train farmers and supervise the fulfilment of our responsibility criteria.

Fazer also uses an audit process of its own as well as third party audits. Contracts with cocoa suppliers include a requirement to monitor and report, as well as the possibility to conduct audits. Fazer requires traceability down to the farmer or farming community level.

Common standard for responsible and traceable cocoa

Fazer participates in work to develop a common traceability and responsibility standard. In October 2014, the International Organization for Standardization ISO and the European Committee of Standardization CEN decided to initiate the drafting of a common standard defining the responsibility and traceability of cocoa. Fazer’s specialists take active part in this work in Finland and internationally.

Founded by Karl Fazer in 1891, Fazer is an international family-owned company offering bakery, confectionery and biscuit products as well as food and café services. Fazer operates in eight countries and exports to more than 40 countries.