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FAU Business Plan Competition winner introduces iced coffee maker “HyperChiller”, launches Kickstarter

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Hyperbius Inc., an emerging consumer products startup, today launched “HyperChiller,” a beverage product for quickly making iced coffee with the convenience of any home coffee maker.

Created by Nick Anusbigian, President of Hyperbius, HyperChiller cools hot, just-brewed coffee in one minute for a premium iced coffee experience. With HyperChiller, iced coffee is always fast and fresh, without the wait or stale taste caused by refrigeration.

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Just in time for summer, Hyperbius introduced HyperChiller Monday, July 6th via a Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising $15,000. Funds raised will support the company’s national launch, covering manufacturing and other related expenses.

HyperChiller solves the dilemma of watering down iced coffee during the cooling process. Traditionally, when pouring hot, home-brewed coffee over ice, it becomes diluted, quickly losing flavor and strength.


With HyperChiller, hot coffee is flash cooled without ever touching ice. Its patent-pending, multi-chamber design keeps the ice and coffee separated while chilling up to 12.5 fluid ounces of coffee.

After receiving $16,000 in cash and professional services via a second place prize in the 2015 FAU Business Plan Competition’s student track, Anusbigian is determined to bring HyperChiller to households, nationwide.

“HyperChiller cools freshly brewed coffee as quickly and effectively as pouring it over 30 ice cubes only without watering it down,” stated Anusbigian. “It’s designed to be reusable and easy to clean for a convenient way to quickly make iced coffee at home.”

HyperChiller gets those amazing results due to its center cooling chamber which is surrounded by stainless steel on both sides. Simply fill with water, snap together each cup into its sealed connection, and once frozen it’s ready to use.

The product fits in most single-cup brewers or, alternatively, coffee can be poured into its lid with any standard carafe. HyperChiller cools freshly brewed coffee by up to 130 degrees in just 60 seconds, which can then be poured over ice for a strong, flavorful iced coffee without watering it down or waiting for it to cool.

“Iced coffee practically runs through my veins,” said Anusbigian. “After dealing with the repeated frustration of weak, watered down iced coffee, I decided to find a way to reduce dilution and ultimately create stronger, better iced coffee. HyperChiller solves this dilemma, enabling anyone to easily make iced coffee that’s just as strong and delicious as a freshly brewed cup of coffee.”

Constructed with high quality, stainless steel, and BPA free plastic, HyperChiller is durable for repeated exposure to hot and freezing temperatures and is dishwasher safe.

To see HyperChiller in action or donate to Hyperbius’ Kickstarter campaign visit HyperChiller’s Kickstarter page. Learn more about Hyperbius Inc. and the HyperChiller by visiting or following the company on Facebook.


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