Friday 19 July 2024
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Tata Coffee and Farmforce brew sustainability and EUDR compliance partnership

Rodney Muriuki, Global Sales Director, Farmforce: “Together with Tata Coffee, we can pave the way for a more sustainable coffee future, where compliance blends seamlessly with positive social and environmental impact”

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OSLO, Norway – Farmforce, a leading provider of traceability and transparency solutions for agricultural supply chains, announces a strategic partnership with Tata Coffee, a renowned Indian coffee exporter, to ensure EUDR compliance and build a more sustainable coffee future. Tata Coffee is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Consumer Products Limited.

This collaboration empowers Tata Coffee’s field staff with Farmforce’s mobile apps, enabling meticulous farm mapping for complete traceability and deforestation-free practices.

The partnership proactively identifies potential social risks like child labour and ensures robust quality control and production quota tracking by leveraging data-driven insights.

This comprehensive approach lays the foundation for a transparent and responsible coffee supply chain, aligning perfectly with upcoming EUDR regulations.

Tata Coffee’s vision transcends mere compliance. Farmforce’s solutions resonate with their commitment to fostering thriving communities and safeguarding fragile ecosystems. This extends beyond EUDR:

  • Empowering Smallholder Farmers: Farmforce Origin (Farmforce’s digital farmer database) equips farmers with the tools they need to prosper, offering agronomic support, improved record-keeping, and fairer market access.
  • Combating Deforestation: The partnership identifies and mitigates deforestation risks by mapping farms and overlaying deforestation data, protecting precious ecosystems for future generations.
  • Promoting Ethical Labor Practices: Farmforce ensures the well-being of coffee producers through child labour monitoring and fair wage practices.

This partnership exemplifies Tata Coffee’s dedication to a more sustainable coffee industry. It represents a shared commitment to innovative solutions and values that brew a positive impact far exceeding a single cup.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Tata Coffee, a leader in the coffee industry,” says Rodney Muriuki, Global Sales Director of Farmforce. “Together, we can pave the way for a more sustainable coffee future, where compliance blends seamlessly with positive social and environmental impact.”

Tata Coffee is a leading Indian coffee exporter, passionate about delivering the perfect cup while upholding ethical and sustainable practices. Their diverse portfolio caters to a global audience, prioritising responsible sourcing and community development.

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