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Faema, LaCimbali and Slayer to star at The London Coffee Festival 2023, April 20 to 23

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LONDON, UK – London Coffee Festival is back. Taking place between the 20th to the 23rd of April at The Truman Brewery, the 12th annual London Coffee Festival brings with it a chance to celebrate the innovation taking place in the international coffee scene.

Cimbali Group, the leading global manufacturer of professional coffee machines and equipment, is excited to participate in the new edition of the London Coffee Festival.

Represented by three of its prestigious brands, Faema, Slayer and LaCimbali, the Group will showcase the innovation across the industry in a way that caters to the interest of all coffee enthusiasts – from professional baristas to the everyday consumer.


Faemina at The London Coffee Festival 2023 (picture provided)

The Faema Stand (Area G46) will showcase the Faema President, Faema E71E, Faema E71 touch, and the grounder-dozers Groundbreaker and MD 5000. The area will also be animated by an alternating schedule of demos from Caravan Roaster, Wolfox Rostar, Bean Coffee Roaster, Perky Blenders Roaster, Pelicano Roaster, and Redemption Roaster.

The Faema Machine President GTI, will sponsor the prestigious Coffee Masters Competition. The Coffee Masters, one of the most challenging contests for baristas, will feature 16 contenders competing against one another in seven different coffee-making tasks while using the Faema GTI President. The brand-new Faema Touch and Match home/prosumer coffee grinder will be awarded to the winner.

Baristas from the roaster brand Illy also will be on hand to perform sampling and demos at the exhibit. They’ll be using the 1-group machines Faemina and E61 at stand G42-G44.

Rastislav Kasár, serial winner of the Coffee Masters competition, will furthermore be present at the booth and perform a show while creating inventive coffee-based cocktails.


LaCimbali (Stand n. HP23) will be entirely dedicated to the professional and business world. The stand will showcase its top-of-the-range setups as follows: Cimbali S15 – OCS Market, Cimbali S60 – Retail and QSR and Cimbali M200 – Coffee Shop.

Over the festival’s four days, the Group will be inviting their existing partners to showcase their coffee through their equipment as per the below:

  • Thursday 20th: Nu Vending (S15), Lincoln & York – bespoke coffee blend (S60) and Ringtons (M200)
  • Friday 21st: Fresh Ground (S15), Lincoln & York – bespoke (S60) and Artisan Coffee (M200)
  • Saturday 22nd: Nu Bewleys (S15), Lincoln & York – bespoke (S60) and Miko (M200)
  • Sunday 23rd: Heart & Graft (S15), Lincoln & York – bespoke(S60) and Cimbali (M200)


Slayer at The London Coffee Festival 2023 (picture provided)

Slayer has been making artisanal high-end coffee makers for ten years, elevating the practice of coffee. A stand will be dedicated to Slayer (Stand n. HP21), where the brand’s new face will highlight the Steam EP and Steam LP Espresso single group. The Slayer stand will also host an exciting list of roasters and distributors.

Additionally, the Slayer brand will display its cutting-edge items.

With the aid of top-notch roasters, these intelligent devices can automatically record settings while brewing coffee and repeat the process throughout the festival:


  • EP: Us V Them
  • LP: Extract Coffee Roasters
  • SSG: Cartwheel Coffee Roasters
  • SSG: 10:00 – 14:00 Lucid Coffee Roasters, 14:00 – 17:00 Blossom Coffee Roasters


  • EP: Pink Lane Coffee Collective
  • LP: Obadiah
  • SSG: Assembly Coffee
  • SSG: 10:00 – 12:00 Pink Lane Coffee Collective, 12:00 – 16:00 Cloud Picker Coffee Roasters


  • EP: Ohco
  • LP: Redemption
  • SSG: Formative
  • SSG: 10:00 – 13:00 Bonanza Coffee Roasters, 13:00 – 19:00 Cast Iron Coffee Roasters


  • EP: SEND
  • LP: Watch House
  • SSG: Watch House
  • SSG: 10:00 – 13:00 Sweven

You can also taste coffee off a Slayer at the PLOT Coffee Roasters stand.

Programme and activities at The London Coffee Festival:

The festival will be an opportunity to celebrate more than just machines and coffee grinders, but coffee as a ritual. For example, Faemina will be presented in the dedicated LAB area by Mumac Academy Coffee Specialist Angelo Sportelli of Gruppo Cimbali, where he will give a talk on “Faemina Sensory Experience: the perfect espresso in the palm of your hand”. The talk will take place on Thursday, 20th April, from 11:15 am to 11:45 am and on Saturday, 22nd April, from 5:00 pm until 5:30 pm.

For further info: Don’t miss it!

Gruppo Cimbali

Gruppo Cimbali is one of the leading manufacturers of professional machines for making coffee and milk-based drinks and coffee shop equipment.

The Group, which includes the La Cimbali, Faema, Slayer and Casadio brands, operates through three production plants in Italy and one in the United States (in Seattle, where the machines are produced under the Slayer brand), employing a total of around 700 employees.

The Group’s commitment to promoting espresso culture and the local area led to the foundation of MUMAC (Coffee Machine Museum) in 2012, the first and largest permanent exhibition dedicated to the history, world and culture of espresso machines, located at the Gruppo Cimbali headquarters in Binasco. MUMAC is home to MUMAC Academy, Gruppo Cimbali’s coffee machine academy, a training, promotion and research.

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