Monday 29 May 2023

New coffee e-commerce marketplace launches in the UAE & GCC

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DUBAI, UAE – Jebelz, an exclusive e-commerce marketplace for coffee aficionados that recently launched in the UAE and GCC, is dedicated to offering users unmatched online shopping experience for everything coffee. The platform offers world-class coffee equipment, specialty beans, and a multitude of coffee accessories.

Jebelz has received a stellar response from commercial cafes as well as coffee lovers in the region. The platform is proud to present a host of state-of-the-art domestic and commercial coffee machines, grinders, brewers, and accessories that are imported from Italy, Switzerland, and the US.

Since its inception, Jebelz has been a notable success with local roasters who have subscribed to the brand’s seller platform and now offer their freshly roasted beans online. On the other hand, coffee fond now have access to a variety of high-quality coffee beans. Specialty coffee is no longer exclusive thanks to Jebelz. Customers can now get them from multiple roasters in just a few clicks and choose to pay via cash on delivery or make an online payment.

A lot of effort is required to create a perfect cup of coffee. Elements such as the quality and freshness of the beans, the texture of the grounds, the precision of time and temperature and more define what the end product will taste like. Next, freshly roasted beans, quality equipment, filtered water, and milk become key components for an amazing coffee experience.

Jebelz platform offers a range of high-quality products and is supported by its extensive team of customer care personnel. Zeeshan Anwar, founder and CEO of Jebelz, said. The support team at Jebelz helps customers search for the right products, place their orders correctly, and receive the products quickly to help make shopping at Jebelz an enjoyable affair. Jebelz’s focus on customer feedback has enabled the platform to expand swiftly.

He added, “our launch of Jebelz came to make a paradigm leap in upgrading the experience of existing and prospective customers in the “Well-Developed Online Purchase” to array of coffee machines, grinders, manual brewers, accessories, and coffee beans/capsules in the UAE and GCC,”.

“With the seemingly inexorable march of new technology in ” e-commerce” and a full confidence in our talented team of professionals, we are sure we will play a leading role in this industry.”

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