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EU’VEND & COFFEENA – Sandalj Trading, prime traceable coffees at the International Trade Fair in Cologne

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TRIESTE (Italy) – The Sandalj Trading Company will be taking part in coffeena, the international coffee fair in Cologne (Germany), open from 19 to 21 September 2013.For the event, the company will be presenting some of the best coffees from its Traceability Project.

Sandalj Traceability Project The Sandalj Traceability Project was launched last year and includes a series of lots that are traceable all the way along the supply chain, right back to the grower.


The company selects these coffees for their top quality, after a thorough analysis and assessment in the laboratory. The price is paid directly to the producer and, for every purchase, the buyer receives a certificate with all the information regarding the plantation and the coffee. As a part of the Traceability Project, the company organised the Sandalj Farm Experience, a unique occasion for customers who can spend a week in the producer countries to get to know the processing phases involved in producing high quality coffee, and to share the working day with the growers.

In 2013 the Sandalj Trading Company’s guided trip took place in the territories of Guatemala and Nicaragua, where a restricted group of coffee roasters visited the two countries to better understand the condition of the harvest and to go into the roja phenomenon with the growers, a fungus whose dramatic spread has resulted in terrible damage to production.

The Traceable Coffees It is precisely in Guatemala and Nicaragua that the company appraised the absolute exquisiteness and elevated aromatic profile of the coffees that we describe briefly here. Guatemala Catuaí Chiquimula, El Duraznal Coming from Guatemala, specifically from the El Duraznal plantation in the Chiquimula region, this traceable coffee is of the Catuaí and Bourbon variety. The lot grew at 1500-1600 metres above sea level and was prepared using the washing system. In fact, on a first analysis of its physical characteristics, we can note the pale green, almost bluish colour of the raw coffee bean, and the white cut in the toasted bean typical of washed coffees.


A perfect extraction of Guatemala El Duraznal leads to an espresso with a golden bronze cream, and aromas of fruit and citrus. On tasting it what comes to the fore is the agreeable acidity typical of a sweet orange and fleshy fruit like cherries, while the persistent after-taste leaves a pleasant sensation recalling honey and nougat.

Nicaragua Maracaturra Among the traceable coffees offered by the Sandalj Trading Company one that stands out is the Maracaturra variety grown in Nicaragua. A hybrid among the Maragogype and Caturra varieties, it has a more important screen size (20/21) compared to other coffees from those lands. It grows in shady locations between 1,250 and 1,500 metres above sea level and is prepared using the washing method.

On tasting Nicaragua Maracaturra prepared using the espresso system, it has developed an interesting and pleasant acidity linked to the taste of mature fruit and caramelised orange peel. The pleasant and prolonged after-taste leaves a vivid memory of mountain flowers and herbs.

The company The Trieste based Sandalj Trading Company has been for over half a century a traditional importer of fine green coffees for the demanding Italian espresso market.

The best single origins are offered under the labels of Sandalj Excellence coffees, Sandalj Traceability Project coffees and Cup of Excellence coffees. The Sandalj DNA Certified products are the first commercial coffees to be genetically certified.

Our longstanding expertise of Italian espresso blends enables us also to offer the Sandalj Blends, a wide selection of readymade classic Italian green coffee blends. The Italian Coffee Academy provides a variety of educational courses based on espresso cup tasting methodology. Sandalj Trading

Eu’Vend & coffeena Cologne, Kölnmesse GmbH, 19 – 21 September 2013

Coffeena stand no. C061, hall 09.1


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