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European Speciality Tea Association opening of its first chapter in Benelux

European Speciality Tea Association chapter Benelux

CHESTER, UK — European Speciality Tea Association announces the opening of its first chapter in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg (Benelux). We have over 20 members in the three countries and they have been working hard to achieve this breakthrough initiative. This figure will undoubtedly grow as the chapter becomes established.

The purpose of an ESTA chapter is to provide a platform whereby local members can work together in their own community to network, hold events, competitions, education workshops and other activities whilst being an integral part of the larger European association and community and derive benefits from that too. Whilst members of chapters are members of ESTA, the chapters function with a degree of independence, and elect their own board every two years.

Initially organised by Kiona Malinka and Liesbeth Sleijster of the Netherlands and Lorela Lohan of Belgium, and supported by Willem Huisman of Brita Benelux, the first task will be to appoint the board to direct and manage the chapter and then to agree on a plan of activities and events to help promote speciality tea in the three countries.

Liesbeth Sleijster, Chapter Founder, said ‘Yes, here we go! It feels to me like it is really time for tea to shine! Waking up with tea in a new world. I am looking forward to creating an accessible home base for and together with tea-amateurs, professionals, suppliers, farmers, horeca and high-end restaurants.

To be a fun and educational centre for all these tea enthusiasts where we can enjoy and share our passion and celebrate our beautiful tea rituals together’

Kiona Malinka, Chapter Founder said ‘It is a big honour to be part of the upcoming movement in tea. To set a new standard for everyone in speciality tea, from the farmer to the brewer, from the drinker at home to the professional. And the idea of doing this with each other, for each other is fantastic! Time for tea. ‘

David Veal, Executive Director of ESTA added ‘We are pleased and excited to announce our first chapter, it is an important milestone in the development of ESTA, and I am absolutely certain that the Benelux chapter will grow our membership and promote speciality tea really well in their three countries.’

To join European Speciality Tea Association visit the website at www.specialityteaeurope.com and click on the membership tab for further details