Wednesday 29 June 2022

European Speciality Tea Association comes to World of Coffee

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LONDON, UK – European Speciality Tea Association members will be present and active in Milan promoting speciality tea to the speciality coffee community. They will be creating and serving some great matcha latte art with Ben Lewis on the San Remo stand (H3 S08), brewing tea on the Aeropress stand, and demonstrating matcha whisking and serving on the Marco stand.

They will also be giving away some fantastic Oolong Orange Blossom samples from Suki Tea to anyone who finds Oscar Woolley, Alexis Kaae, Wendelien van Bunnick, Annemarie Tiemes or David Veal who will be at the show for all three days.

“We are pleased to be adding a tea flavour to World of Coffee” said David Veal, former Executive Director of Speciality Coffee Association of Europe and current Executive Director of European Speciality Tea Association.

“We see the speciality coffee community, and particularly baristas and coffee shops, as having the potential to come on board the speciality tea journey, which in fairness is following the same trajectory that speciality coffee has taken over the past twenty years. For this reason we had to be at World of Coffee as it is the premium speciality beverage event in Europe and we can meet all of the right people.”

European Speciality Tea Association

European Speciality Tea Association is an inclusive organisation whose mission is to create and inspire excellence in the speciality tea community through innovation, research, education and communication.

With members from over 28 countries representing all parts of the tea supply chain from producers to tea baristas, the Association is helping to generate a vibrant speciality tea community across the world and is dedicated to promoting great quality tea in all of its forms to create a new sensory excitement amongst tea drinkers.

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