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European Coffee Run 2015 – A great success story for our industry!

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How to highlight the quality of vended coffee? Drive 7,700 Km from Moscow to Manchester to promote it! An excellent initiative from the Russian Vending Association (RNVA).

As the RNVA team explain their original inspiration, “We love good coffee and we love to travel.”

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The idea was in order to promote coffee culture and coffee vending people could be treated to a free cup of coffee in 10 cities across Europe, while providing educational and fun materials about the industry and coffee to attendees.

The RNVA President, Boris Belotserkovsky, stated “According to the latest EVA survey of consumer behaviour, most people drink coffee for the taste. They drink it at home, at work, outside etc.


And the vending machine remains one of the most important source for this drink. Can it be a tasty cup of coffee? I believe it can. Can it be as tasty as the coffee shop around the corner? I believe it should be. And this is the key think for our future growth.”

The initiative began on 6th June in Moscow, and the Coffee Run finished on the first day of the AVEX Vending and OCS Exhibition in Manchester on 30th June, and the epic journey gained extensive media support right across Europe as well as being reported live on the internet as the team made their way from city to city, which were: Moscow, Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna, Milan, Madrid, Paris, Cologne, London and Manchester.

The Coffee Run 2015 was supported by the European Vending Association, as well as 7 National Vending Associations. The EVA wishes to thank and congratulate the RNVA for the organisation of this project, which undoubtedly raised the image of our hot drinks sector.

A full summary of the Coffee Run 2015 can be found here: EuropeanVendingCoffeeRun2015


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