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Eureka Oro expands its offer with the new Mignon Single Dose coffe grinder

Conti Valerio Srl increases the Eureka ORO offer with the new Mignon Single Dose, the professional coffee grinder that also wins over home baristas. 2021 turnover and exports spike. The factory’s footprint and production capacity are expected to increase in 2022

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FLORENCE, Italy – Eureka ORO increases its offer by presenting the new Mignon Single Dose, a coffee grinder for the most demanding baristas who are always looking for a totally fresh ground coffee and the freedom to choose a different coffee any time they want.

Its main features are: cutting-edge technology performances, innovative design, premium materials, precision mechanics, and zero waste.

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The professional performances of Eureka coffee grinders keep attracting expert baristas and, at the same time, win over home coffee lovers.

Eureka ORO and the new Mignon Single Dose

The new Mignon Single Dose coffee grinder by Eureka ORO is a machine that guarantees professional performance, designed for expert baristas as well as home users. Some of its innovative features include the perfect inclination of the grinding chamber (15°) which, combined with dedicated technical solutions, results in an Extremely Low Retention (ELR) system that ensures retention close to zero.


The design of the Single Dose hopper is just as sophisticated, with an oak lid and rotating metal tab, showing an attention to detail and usability also seen in the stainless steel Dosing Cup, which helps you to easily transfer ground coffee right to your portafilter, all while keeping your workspace clean and tidy.

Using the Mignon Blow Up Cleaning allows baristas to grind their next coffee while always keeping the grinding chamber clean, thus giving them the freedom to try different types of coffee with no contamination. The oak base with magnetic coupling, designed to house the different cups available in the catalogue, optimizes space and workflow.

The particular combination of engine – Pure Diamond Inside® burrs (65 mm) ensures high productivity (2.3 – 2.8 Espresso; 2.8 – 3.3 Brew) and a wide range of grinds achievable. Maximum silence thanks to the Silent Technology. Handy and easy High Speed maintenance without losing the grinding setting, thanks to the micrometric system patented by the company.

Maurizio Fiorani, Eureka Managing Director, said: “This product fits perfectly into a market trend that sees an increasing demand for high-quality coffee and professional machines, which in fact address a growing demand in the premium range and a dual-target category. Both in coffee shops and at home there has been a significant increase in the number of enthusiasts always looking for high-performance products, able to ensure a high-quality cup of coffee no matter what type is being used. The new Mignon Single Dose truly meets these needs, with its elegant design and perfectly capable of changing from one type of coffee to another.”

Maurizio Fiorani, managing director di Eureka

Fiorani continues: “Our lifestyle has changed since the pandemic and working from home, and enthusiasts have become more interested in professional machines that can ensure a perfectly successful cup of coffee, reaching zero waste, and working in maximum silence. Market data show an over 40% increase abroad in this segment, and we are addressing this demand.”

Investments and innovation: doubling of the factory’s footprint in 2022

In 2021, Conti Valerio Srl generated revenues for EUR 61.5 million, bringing the turnover to an over 50% increase compared to 2020, with exports equal to 98% of the total turnover. Slight increase also in the Italian market, while the share of orders by non-EU countries doubled compared to 2020. In 2021, the company also strengthened its partnership with Italmill in Bergamo, a leading company in the production of coffee grinders, whose know-how has made it possible to integrate the chain of production and internalise the production of cutting-edge grinders. 2022 will be a very important year for Conti Valerio Srl: the 4 500 m2 factory next to its historical headquarters will be finalized, resulting in an investment that will lead to the substantial doubling of the factory’s footprint and production capacity.

Eureka ORO: the new premium brand

As a result of important investments in research and development, the new Eureka ORO brand was launched on the company’s 100th anniversary, celebrated in 2020, bearing testimony to a century-old experience of a new generation of coffee grinders for state of the art grinding. Among Eureka ORO’s technology innovations there are: the introduction of the IoT Connectivity System, ensuring the full control of the operation and grinding parameters, remotely and in real time; and the use of a wide range of exclusive Diamond Inside grinders as a result of a patented process for thermal cryogenic treatment and long taste tests aimed at satisfying the more and more specific needs of experts in the field. Apart from ensuring an excellent cup of coffee, Diamond Inside grinders make it possible to preserve the geometry of the sharpening for longer, therefore keeping the granulometry constant for higher amounts of ground coffee than standard coffee grinders.

Conti Valerio in a nutshell

Founded in 1920 by the Tuscan entrepreneur Aurelio Conti, Conti Valerio Srl, with its Eureka 1920 e Eureka ORO trademarks, nowadays represents the cutting-edge coffee grinders and doser grinders for experts and for home users. In 2021, the company from Sesto Fiorentino (FI) generated revenues for EUR 61 million – a 50% increase compared to 2020. 98% of the turnover comes from export activities and the over 150,000 coffee grinders produced. Eureka invests 5% of its annual turnover in research and development and, in the 2018/19 biennium, it obtained six new technology patents and increased its range of products with new lines which draw on technology and design. With over 100 direct employees, the company boasts an average workforce of 35 years of age.


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