Monday 03 October 2022

Espresso House Sweden adds Caliente to their range of non-alcoholic drinks

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“We’re thrilled that Caliente is part of the range at Espresso House, the leading coffee shop chain in the Nordic countries,” says Thomas Adners, the founder of Caliente.

Espresso House is a Swedish coffee shop chain founded in Lund in 1996. Today Espresso House is present in all Nordic countries, with a total of 400 coffee shops and 3500 baristas.

Espresso House only serve premium coffee, so called Specialty Coffee, roasted in their own coffee roastery in Länna. The cosy atmosphere and pastries from the own bakery are other important aspects of the Espresso House experience.

Caliente has spread across Sweden, Europe and India since the launch in 2015. Their innovative idea is to create a drink based on the substance capsaicin – extracted chili heat.

Caliente has been extremely well received both by the industry and consumers looking for a sophisticated and social drink without alcohol. One reason could be that young grown-ups demand more from social drinks without alcohol, and Caliente is one of few options offering a unique sensation – in this case taste and a light kick from chili.

Caliente Blueberry Lemongrass Chili (chili heat level 3/5) and Ginger Lime Chili (chili heat level 4/5) are the two chosen flavors. Both contain low levels ofsugar and are bottled in Sweden from organic and natural ingredients.

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