Wednesday 21 February 2024

Eldorado Coffee K-Cups are now compatible with all Keurig Brewing Systems

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MASPETH, NY, U.S. – Eldorado Coffee K-cups are now designed to fit all Keurig Brewing Systems. The six different signature blends have finally overcome the compatibility issue with Keurig machines.

The K-cup coffee beans are responsibly sourced from distinct regions throughout Central America, South America, and Africa.

The six K-cup profiles are roasted and blended in Maspeth, NY following the age-old recipes set forth by the founder of the company, Segundo Martin.

They are a collection of the company’s signature created blends, single-origins, as well as tried-and-true profiles with subtle nuances.

Eldorado Coffee started as a storefront in Jackson Heights, NY in 1980 roasting and selling coffee to the local neighborhood.

Eventually, the demand for the coffee grew and Martin saw an opportunity to evolve the business to provide coffee service to mom-and-pop stores across the Northeast Tristate area.

Still today, Eldorado Coffee retains its family roots intact and manufactures coffee in multiple business sectors.

COO, Andres Martin, mentioned Eldorado Coffee’s single-serve coffee mission:

“We want to ensure that everyone can access our coffees because we believe in them. More and more people are using the Keurig these days and we want to ensure they get a consistent and quality product.”

The new K-cups, available alongside the company’s existing products, represents a significant break for the company away from its core lineup.

The K-cups are biodegradable and recyclable. Rather than buying by the bag, customers can now buy coffee in single-serve formats for use with all Keurig Brewing Systems by the box or by the case.

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