Monday 22 April 2024
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EL SALVADOR – Association urges unification of coffee institutions

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In El Salvador internal division in the sector is evident. Currently there are 4 institutions dedicated to coffee: the Centa, Procafé, the Salvadoran Coffee Council and the Coffee Association.

Union representatives say that there should be one institution in order to more effectively address financial and technical problems.

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The president of the Coffee Association, Sergio Ticas told that “… the worst problem facing the coffee sector is financial. But support to face this has to be accompanied by an institute for research and technology transfer.

It is no good giving financial support if we are not up to date on research and we dont have any technicians. We have to be prepared for the climate change that is already affecting our country. ”

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He added that “… In recent months we have had meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture, in which there has been little progress. But I think it will improve, as the Minister of Agriculture, Orestes Ortez, will accompany the Technical Secretary of the Presidency Roberto Lorenzana. “

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