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EK43 Colorful Months, April: Mahlkönig’s EK43 Limited Edition now in pastel green

Mahlkönig EK43

MILAN – Here comes an excellent match to the first green leaves that spring is about to bring – and likewise an excellent match to a coffee bar’s interior that is all about bright fresh colors: the EK43 in pastel green. During the “Colorful Months,” Mahlkönig creates the popular EK43 model in a series of special colors – introducing a new variant for each individual month.

General conditions:

  • There are no additional costs for the promoted special color during the course of the campaign. The EK43 is ordered at the current list price from the dealer.
  • The campaign includes the EK43 classic and EK43 S.
  • Each color can be ordered until the end of each allocated month.
  • Please state the standard article number for the EK43 / EK43 S in black on your order and add the special color as an additional note.
  • Orders for grinders in special colors cannot be canceled.
  • The minimum order quantity for Mahlkönig dealers is 5 pcs.
  • The estimated delivery time for an EK43 in a special color is approximately 6 – 8 weeks.

To know more, you can contact your local Mahlkönig dealer and order your very own EK43 from this limited edition.

Mahlkönig YouTube channel is available at this link.