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Eco-friendly reusable cup sleeve launched in time for Christmas

reusable cup sleeve

BATTLE CREEK, Michigan, U.S. – DRANKX, an innovative new company based in Battle Creek, Michigan, has come up with a product that makes an ideal eco-friendly Christmas gift: the reusable cup sleeve. This will appeal to people whose busy lives are inundated with carry-out drinks. The product, which has been launched at an ideal time to catch the seasonal gift market, is stylish and practical. As well as helping save the planet, the reusable cup sleeves are easy to wash, helping cut down on waste cardboard and paper.

Barb Dearing, Founder of DRANKX, came up with the idea for the product when she got tired of slippery cardboard sleeves sliding off her takeaway coffee cups. Barb wanted a reusable cup sleeve that would fit all sizes of take out coffee cups, so she designed the first-ever cup wrap that features an adjustable elastic band.

Barb Dearing says, “Initially, we took this idea of a reusable cup sleeve to local craft fairs in 2016, and it quickly became a big hit with people carrying hot and cold drinks around. People loved the smart, quirky look of the sleeves, but they also commented on the fact that they could take it away, wash it and re-use it. People wanted to buy them as gifts for their friends, too. We had very favorable feedback. We moved from that to offering it on Amazon in 2019.”

The feedback from those early craft shows proved to hold valuable information that the company would use as they moved forward. In 2019, Barb started licensing new designs from some of the most popular fabric designers in the US, including Mary Ayres of Little Cubby and Thinlinetextiles.

The DRANKX drink sleeve is made of cotton, not neoprene, and comes in a variety of stylish and original designs. It is priced inexpensively under $10, making it a perfect gift idea for dog lover. The dog paw print design, for example, is a great gift for dog lovers, and the musical score themed sleeve would make an original gift to show some appreciation for a musician or music teacher.

In fact, a quick look through the designs on offer could help any holiday shopper solve nearly all their gift problems.

Moms are sure to love the Ladybug cup sleeve as a birthday or Mothers’ Day gift. Peace signs, sugar skulls, and pink zebra cup sleeves will appeal to teenagers as well. The Pink Ribbon design is a thoughtful gift for cancer patients and survivors, and DRANKX donates 10% of the proceeds of this wrap to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The need to give something back to the environment is also a clear priority behind this innovative company’s objectives. Their cotton drink sleeve can be reused again and again, helping keep waste out of landfills and save trees.

DRANKX also has none of the unpleasant chemical odors that some synthetic sleeves give off when they get warm. The sleeve is adjustable, so users never need to pick a size—the adjustable elastic band can accommodate 12oz, 16oz, and even 20oz takeout coffee cups.

This popular drinks sleeve may, in fact, see a lot of use but that will not be a problem. The company asserts that users may slip their DRANKX cup sleeve into the washing machine when needed and it will come out clean and ready to wrap around many more drinks. They add that it can even be placed in the dishwasher.

The sleeve is great for all seasons—it works equally well with soft drinks, frozen fruit drinks, takeout ice cream, and beer glasses in the summer as it does with coffee, hot chocolate, or soup in cold weather. Whether a drink is hot or cold, in a glass or a cup, this product will help keep it secure, without the associated waste and bad odor that such sleeves are otherwise known for.

DRANKX is a small, family-owned Michigan company. Their fabric designers are also small independent American business owners. The cup sleeves are made overseas but packaged in the US. Interested parties may sign up for the company’s newsletter to stay up to date with their news, special offers and gift ideas. More information can also be found on their website.