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Easier detection of leaks in coffee packaging

Neuhaus Neotec present the new leak detector Leak Test I

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Leaky packaging is a critical factor in the production process of roasted coffee.  With the Leak Test I, Neuhaus Neotec offer their customers a leak detector which has been specially developed for the requirements of the food industry.

With Leak Test I, inert gas packaging (so-called Modified Atmosphere Packaging – MAP), thermoformed packaging, cans and coffee capsules are examined reliably for leaks

With the innovative testing technology without test gas, the device recognises both gross leaks and micro-leaks, which are smaller than 10 µm.

The Leak Test I can be easily integrated in production lines or laboratories and allows for quick, easy and hygienic random check of individual or several packagings simultaneously.

An intelligent data analysis makes it easier for employees to quickly detect errors in the packaging line and fix them.

Non-destructive testing

The leak detector functions in accordance with a unique operating principle: After the creation of a vacuum, two highly elastic membranes tightly enclose the packaging to be tested in a film chamber.

The device analyses the pressure difference in just seconds. In doing so, the Leak Test I is able to detect even the finest of leaks, without damaging the packaging.

The colour signal on the test chamber allows easy reading of the test result. The status LED in the plexiglass cover indicates the test phase and the result, easily recognisable by the blue, red and green colour.

The exact test results and information are shown on the 7″ touch display, where test-related product data and limit values can be entered.

In a nutshell: Vacuum detection reduces the reject rate, ensures the packaging quality and thus the required quality of the food end product, for example for coffee capsules or coffee pods in pouches.

With the leak detector, Neuhaus Neotec complement their quality assurance programme which includes the well-known colour measuring instrument Colortest II for checking the correct roasting degree and the continuous on-line colour measuring instrument Colorcontrol II.

With this, the North German manufacturer of plants for the coffee industry underlines its comprehensive expertise in all areas of the process chain.

In the picture: the new leak detector Leak Test I of Neuhaus Neotec for the coffee production

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