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DOCASA, Inc., secures first liquor license for London coffee shop


SCHAUMBURG, Ill., U.S. – DOCASA, Inc., through its subsidiary, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs Limited, based in the United Kingdom (“UK”), has secured a first liquor license for its newly extended and refurbished coffee shop in London’s iconic Old Spitalfields Market.

According to industry analysts, the continued growth in the UK’s coffee retail market is primarily due to people now visiting coffee shops more frequently rather than drinking coffee at home or in the workplace.


This can be attributed both to the quality of the coffee experience delivered by a Barista and by changing trends in the UK where the coffee shop is rapidly replacing the pub as the place to meet and socialize.

Commenting on this trend, the Chairman of DOCASA, Inc., Stefan Allesch-Taylor, CBE, said, “There are thousands of places in the UK that do not yet have a decent coffee shop.

Trends are shifting in the sector, with pubs, the traditional place to meet, closing at a rate of 29 a week according to the most recent statistics provided by Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

This is being rapidly offset by the continuous rise of coffee shops, opening at a rate of 21 a week based on the latest research commissioned by UK Coffee Week.

The coffee shop is now a true social venue; strengthened by the rise of online shopping freeing up time for Britons to come into town not just to shop, but to meet.”

DOCASA, Inc.’s President and CEO, Ashley Lopez, commented, “Our coffee shops in Central London are in premium spots with foot traffic of over 1 million people a day.

In a number of these prime locations, starting with the shop in Old Spitalfields Market, we look forward to being able to provide our customers a place to get an alcoholic drink at the end of the day, as a way of extending our trading hours and increasing our customer base in those locations.

It also gives us an opportunity to collaborate with alcohol brands to create new coffee-based drinks which are much in demand.”

The UK’s coffee shop market has grown consistently during some extremely challenging economic times, even in areas badly hit by the recession post-2008.

By offering alcohol at the end of the day, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs recognizes its customers’ desire to remain in a family-friendly environment and enjoy a drink at their choice of a social meeting place that they already frequenting daily.

With this liquor license, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs is serving espresso martinis, craft beers and rum-infused drinks, as well as its own cold brew range, Bold Brew.