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December 5th was the World Turkish Coffee Day

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ISTANBUL, Republic of Türkiye – The Director of Communications of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye Fahrettin Altun shared a post that featured a video on his social media account on the occasion of “December 5, World Turkish Coffee Day”.

In his post, Director of Communications Altun said, “Today is World Turkish Coffee Day. Turkish coffee, which was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2013, is one of the unique elements of our culture with its distinct brewing method, presentation and taste, and continues to strengthen friendships all over the world. Enjoy.”

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The video points out that every day dozens of varieties of coffee are brewed around the world, and it has become one of the most valued economic assets.

The video also highlights that Turkish coffee, which is savoured in every corner of the globe, linking people from distant nations to the flavour and warmth of Anatolia, transcending its status as a mere beverage.

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Turkish Coffee as a Gift for Ambassadors

On the other hand, Director of Communications Altun presented Turkish coffee and coffee cups to the ambassadors of all countries in Türkiye.

In his message to the ambassadors, Director of Communications Altun noted that Turkish coffee, aside from its distinct taste, holds a special place in Turkish cultural life as a symbol of friendship, hospitality, grace, and sincerity.

Noting that the proverb “A cup of coffee is remembered for forty years” points out that Turkish coffee is much more than just a beverage, Director of Communications Altun said in his message, “On the occasion of World Turkish Coffee Day on December 5, I wish for the strengthening of the friendship between our countries and peoples.”

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