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Davide Roveto is the first guest at MUMAC Academy Talks, the format dedicated to coffee professionals

The star of the first episode is Davide Roveto, born in 1993, who has worked as a MUMAC Academy trainer and ambassador for seven years. Together with his Slayer Steam LP machine, he has turned his passion for coffee into a real job, opening a micro-roastery and two other establishments.

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MILAN – Davide Roveto, the first guest at MUMAC Academy Talks, was born in Bari in 1993 with a love of coffee in his DNA. He grew up as a barista in his family’s café in the centre of Bari – the famous ‘Caffè Cognetti’ – and decided to specialize in the subject at the age of 17. After a year, he won an internal competition at the Caffè Vergnano company as best italian barista and then became an international trainer for the same company.

Davide Roveto and MUMAC Academy Talks

Through this experience, he gained increasingly vital skills for the café industry, becoming an AST (Authorized SCA Trainer) in 2016. Soon after, Davide decided to devote his attention to learning about the coffee supply chain: he opened a micro-roastery and became a Q Grader.

Finally, Davide opened 2 more establishments where he conveys his passion for coffee and breakfast, choosing the Slayer brand for the professional coffee machines. He is the star of the first episode of MUMAC Academy Talks, the first format dedicated to the stories of coffee professionals and their professional, training and technological experiences.

How long have you been running two cafés in Bari? And why did you opt for Slayer?

“The first café has been open since 1997 and the second (Caffè Cognetti Specialty Coffee & Bakery) since May 2021. Slayer and its machines powerfully convey a message of high-performance craftsmanship. Just like the performance we want to offer our customers when they visit our cafés.”

What led you to use this type of equipment?

“We chose Slayer because we wanted to communicate our meticulous attention to our products’ quality and craftsmanship, the same attention that was used to build this coffee machine. Slayer perfectly embodies our ‘Make coffee better’ philosophy.”

What do you think sets this brand apart from others of a similar standing?

“Style and uniqueness. Owning one makes the user unique, elevating them to a connoisseur of the subject. Also, from a design standpoint, it’s a fantastic product.”


You chose Slayer for both your café and your roastery. What guided this choice, given these places have different needs?

“Using the same machines in the roastery and in the café allows us to test our products immediately after the degassing period and to get an idea of the sensory profile that customers will experience when tasting our coffees.”

What benefits have you experienced from using this equipment?

“First, it’s an intuitive machine, so it’s really easy for baristas to familiarize themselves with it and to completely master it. It also offers very high performance in terms of quality and consistency. In the café we make 5 to 10 kg of coffee daily and it is all high-quality. Moreover, from handling to the taste of the coffee, nothing whatsoever is left to chance. Baristas love controlling extractions using actuators and the machine’s precision and sensory appeal are big advantages.”

What drinks are most popular with consumers and what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever been asked for (especially by foreigners)?

“In terms of the most popular drinks, definitely specialty espresso extract with a naked filter and flat white.

Our range is quite straightforward and comprehensive, so we don’t get many unusual requests, but once in the summer some tourists asked us for an oversized cappuccino in an almost 600 ml container with 4 espressos.”

How important was it to be properly trained in order to make optimal use of the product?

“To get the most from a machine of this calibre, it is important to have an understanding of the machine’s technology and all aspects of coffee extraction. Pre-infusion, post-infusion and different temperature, are aspects that can change the taste of your coffee, both for better and for worse. This is why training really makes a difference!”

What type of business would you advise to use this product?

“As my own business demonstrates, Slayer is the perfect machine for those who really want to extract the best from their coffee, without worrying about excessive volume. The variety of models and the ability to choose between 1 or 3 groups makes this machine perfect for everyone. The important thing is to pursue the ‘Make Coffee Better’ mission.”

About MUMAC Academy

MUMAC Academy is Gruppo Cimbali’s training centre for professionals and coffee lovers. A benchmark for the promotion of coffee culture and a trendsetter since its foundation in 2014, MUMAC Academy has trained more than 10,500 people with over 40 modules in its training program and 1,300 days of in-person and online courses.

The Academy supports professional growth within the industry by providing the fundamental tools to enhance your skills, improve your business and launch your career as a barista through a wide variety of courses taught by internationally renowned instructors. Boasting a state-of-the-art training centre and an exclusive sensory room, MUMAC Academy offers theoretical and practical courses on how to prepare and taste the world’s most famous drink in all its forms.


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