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DALLA CORTE COMPETITION – Friends and rivals: the magic of the Cup Tasters competition

MILAN – The amazing jackpot hit by Iuri Grandini – who guessed 8 cups out of 8 in 4’ 45.00” – determined the success of the semifinal of the Italian Cup Tasters Championship (picture) that took place in Milan on 2 December 2013 at

Spazio Candiani, in Milan. Sergio Casolla came in second place by identifying 7 cups in 4’ 45.00” and Lorenzo Martinelli came third guessing 6 cups in 2’ 24.34”. Host and main sponsor of the event was Dalla Corte, which awarded the semifinal winner with board and lodging for the future Italian final.

The senses of taste and smell are fundamental to determine the quality of coffee – its taste balance is evaluated for its sweet, acid and bitter components and for the peculiar aromatic notes that make it unique.

It is a daily exercise for professionals who select green coffee and for those who create and control the blends; well-trained senses are precious tools for baristas as well, who need to check the quality of the coffee they offer their customers day after day.

The Cup Tasters Championship is an excellent chance for them to put themselves to the test: in each competition round, two competitors challenge each other in the tasting of 24 cups of filter coffee within 8 minutes.

Cups are divided into 8 triangles, each triangle containing one odd cup. Competitors must identify the odd cups of all 8 triangles: the taster who gives the highest number of correct answers in the shortest time will be the winner.

This competition combines professionalism, adrenaline, suspense, but also a lot of enjoyment. The spectators curiously observe competitors in their cupping and choices, which are sometimes very hard!

Once the competition is over, only the chosen cups stay on the table. The competitors raise one cup at a time: if the cup has a mark under its bottom, it is the odd one and this means their choice was correct. Joy or disappointment can be seen in the competitors’ eyes, in an atmosphere that thrills and unites all participants.

The lunch following the competition was characterized by joyfulness and by intense discussions and debates on the great protagonist of the day: coffee.

Coffee from A to Z The schedule went on with the Umami Campus – a full immersion in the world of specialty coffee and in World of Coffee barista competitions. During the event, many participants had the chance to train at the Barista, Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirits competitions workstations equipped with dc pro machines and dc one grinders provided by Dalla Corte. Meanwhile, in a nearby hall, Andrej Godina, Scae Authorized Trainer, explained the CDS – Coffee Diploma System courses and certifications.