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CURIOSITY – Bulletproof Coffee fans in South Africa want more butter

Dave Asprey is the inventor of a high fat coffee drink called Bulletproof Coffee which is taking the world by storm. In fact more and more South Africans are joining the latest coffee drink trend over from America.

This might be in part with the Noakes Diet, from by Dr Tim Noakes, being in the popular local newspapers and magazines about why South Africans should eat more healthy fat like grass fed butter.

More and more people from Johannesburg to Durban and Cape Town in the morning are putting butter in their coffee instead of milk. Yes, butter in a premium coffee like Upgraded coffee beans blended in a high speed blender with refined coconut oil called MCT Oil to whip up a latte type coffee.

Some of the reasons you would want to use butter instead of milk are:

  1. Lower levels of inflammation in your gut
  2. Help promote healthy, sustainable weight loss
  3. Improve brain performance by feeding your brain with ketones
  4. Just enjoy coffee without feeling anxious or jittery

To help you get started you too can join fellow Bulletproof Coffee fans from all around the world over at http://ilovebuttercoffee.com. Here you will find tons of articles and videos to help you get started on a high fat low carb diet and just enjoy feeling no hunger and being full of energy.

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